Wednesday, 19 February 2020

For A Little While

When the minions were little I remember actively willing various phases of their lives to end, looking for them to outgrow things.  Whether it was colic, teething, an ongoing cycle of daycare illnesses, biting, and more, there were so many things that I couldn't wait to be over.

Now that the kids are a lot older, it's a lot rarer for me to wish something away (no matter how many stories I've heard about The Amazing Spiderman, Michael Morbius, or actor Dane Dehaan).  A couple of years ago when we were visiting the minions great grandmother she said something that has really stuck with me - We get to borrow our kids for such a short period of time.

As my kids continue to have more firsts all the time, I am well aware of certain things they do that will eventually disappear from our lives, whether I like it or not.  One day it will be the last time that they do one of these things, and I probably won't even realize it until it's gone.

A Mother's Day Photo Circa 2016

Celebrating Today!

Today I want to celebrate some of the things that I get to do with my kids right now, because soon enough they'll outgrown them.  Writing this has been a fantastic exercise in gratitude!

The way they climb into our bed for weekend morning cuddles

How excited they get when they lose a tooth

The way Molly always agrees to take the dog for a walk with me so we can "chat"

How she always reaches for my hand when we walk

How Jack gets a single tear that rolls down his face every time he eats something that he really, truly loves

Vacation Photo  New Brunswick circa 2017

Getting handmade cards and drawings for every occasion

Reading books together out loud

Bedtime story time (especially the voices Chris does and how Jack critiques and coaches him to improve his voice work)

The way they run and hug me at school pick up

How Molly always runs up and down the ramps at the church we walk by on the way to school in the morning

Kisses goodbye no matter when I leave (and for how long)

The way Molly puts on Chris's hoodies and dress shirts after he's taken them off cause "they smell like dad"

Spring 2019

The way she counts how many different beds she gets to sleep in whenever we go on vacation

How he'll ask me what certain words mean whenever he's reading (latest word saga)

Brushing all the tangles out of her hair

Helping her put in (and take out) her earrings

Finding evidence of 'potion making' in the bathroom

Bed time kisses and hugs

What would your parenting gratitude for today list look like?