Friday, 14 October 2011

Smile Like You Mean It

Since he was about two weeks old I have thought that our son Jack has a strong resemblance to my dad.  Perhaps it's the bright blue eyes, the Irish nose, or the constant serious look on his face that closely resemble my father's childhood pictures.  Because the minions are so young we figured it would take some time to discover who in the family their personalities, aptitudes and attitudes are like.  Will they be athletic like my siblings?  Will they be linguistic like Chris's sister?  Or clumsy like me?  Who will be the funny one?  Which parent will fight with who?

As an aside I would wager that my father is the most eccentric person in my family.  Although I've also been told that he and I are the most alike.  Most recently the man put in for a bid of nearly $500 for a polar bear print at a silent auction at a dirt mall* and was 1) surprised that he won 2) equally surprised that my mother was annoyed about his purchase 3) now the proud owner of two pieces of art work that involve a family of polar bears, yes he already owned a giant polar bear print prior to making his big bid.** 

Molly has been smiling for about a week and a half now, first smile went to her dad and now she regularly displays a little coy smile and is on the brink of a giggle. It didn't surprise us that until two days ago our serious, brooding Jack hadn't cracked a smile yet.  

I was over at my parent's house and my mom was sitting on the couch with Jack, she had just finished burping him and was holding him up in the air so he was facing the wall behind her.  She lowered him to eye level to make contact with him and he was smiling, but his first smile wasn't for Nana, it was for the polar bear print behind her.

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*The last time my brother was at this indoor mall he saw someone let a dog take a crap in front of a store.    
**other random things my dad has purchased at silent auctions are two mountain bikes (he hasn't rode a bike since the late 1980s) and a giant lazy boy chair.


  1. You are definitely most like your Dad! The grin rarely fades and it's a fantastic trait that puts people at ease around you.

    1. Awww thanks...It's so neat to see how much Jack is like both my dad and Grandpa Rex!