Monday, 2 March 2015

King of the Road

Before we left on our trip with the minions, I  researched some tips that would help us pack a little lighter and ensure we had what we needed for our travels.  With spring on the horizon I thought I'd share the things we implemented that worked best.

Six Travel Tips to Save Time, Money & Sanity When Travelling with Kids

  1. Roll little kids outfits together as they'd wear them.  This will save you having to dig for socks, underwear and other accessories.  This will also save you space in your luggage as everything is in nice and tidy toddler "tubes".
  2. Secure your "rolls" of children's clothing using hair ties.  This ensured that I had plenty of elastics for Miss Molly's hair while we were away.
  3. Pack light travel books in carry on and packed luggage for your kids.  Some publishers offer "pocket books" for only a few dollars.  These smaller sizes come in handy when you're reading upwards of eight stories at the airport and on a flight.
  4. Consider finding accommodations with laundry.  This means a few things, first you can pack lighter, second when travelling with wee ones you're on premises from about 8:30 or 9pm anyway, so why not do some laundry?  My mother in law was kind enough to let us use the washer and dryer a few times during our trip.  On our last night we were able to run laundry and pack an entire suitcase full of clean clothes - this meant less laundry when we got home which was an added bonus after a long flight.
  5. If you are going to visit someone, connect with them about what they have that you can use or borrow.  Grandma and grandpa were able to borrow a toilet seat insert, water wings and provide beach towels, which meant we didn't have to pack those things.
  6. Grocery shopping is key to saving money.  We made sure that grandma and grandpa stocked the house with crackers, apple juice, fruit, milk and gold fish crackers and made regular trips to the grocery store during our trip to re-stock.  This meant that we were able to eat two meals each day at grandma and grandpa's rather than at restaurants, saving a significant chunk of change.
packing tricks and tips for kids, rolling clothes suitcase
Rolled toddler apparel

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