Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Big (Pig) Girls Don't Cry - the muppets pilot

Both Chris and I were looking forward to catching the pilot episode of ABCs new show, The Muppets, a mockumentary style show designed for those of us who grew up with The Muppets.  I went in expecting something along the lines of The Muppets meets 30 Rock.

Note: This is riddled with spoilers...don't say I didn't warn you!

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Pilot Plot Summary
You are introduced to the team behind the scenes on set for Miss Piggy's late night talk show,Up Late With Miss Piggy.  You are put back in to a Muppet style show featuring timely bands and actors who are late night guests.  In this particular episode the main focus is around Kermit trying to acclimatize to his life as show producer, post break up and navigate the many moods of Miss Piggy as she demands that he cancel Elizabeth Banks as a featured guest.  Subplots include the introduction of Kermit's new girlfriend Denise (with a voice more annoying than Janice's - I didn't think it was possible) and Fozzie Bear's attempt at impressing his human girlfriend's parents.

Best Parts of the Pilot
Familiarity of classic Gonzo attempting to showcase ridiculous skits with Pepe the Prawn brought me back to The Muppet Show I grew up with.  As a show that is geared towards adults, complete with a warning for explicit content and language, I appreciated the acknowledgement that time has passed for all characters and that their "lives" are somewhat different.  The highly anticipated introduction of Denise, Kermit's new girlfriend (also a pig) re-affirmed I'm still totally "Team Piggy".  While calm and supportive Denise may be a better fit for Kermit, she's passive and boring (I've renamed her Dullnise).  Kermit seemed to be eating his feelings throughout the episode with Dullnise as the enabler.  In the end of the episode we were brought back to Kermit and Piggy and their breakup for some closure on what happened, and to get Piggy's perspective on her demands surrounding Elizabeth Banks.  Musical guests were Imagine Dragons.  The hidden gem in this episode for me was the cold and blatant acknowledgement and treatment of C and D level celebrities - well played.

Worst Parts of the Pilot  
I get it, pilots are hard, you're trying to introduce the audience to a whole new world in an entertaining way. There seemed to be some disjointed themes between a darker, more adult show and classic goofy Muppets and they'll probably need to find a balance that works.

Overall I was disappointed, but just like I give a book 50 pages before I tap out, I'll give a show like The Muppets another few episodes before I stop watching.  Some of my favourite shows, like Parks and Recreation, had lack luster pilots but produced a fantastic series.  I think they can do some really great things here and I want to see it happen.

What did you think of the first episode?

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