Thursday, 5 May 2016

So Sorry, Happy Mother's Day

I can't believe that it's that time of year again. In just a few days it will be Mother's Day.  In annual tradition, today I look back on the year that has passed and apologize to my own mom for "crimes" that I most likely violated when I was four years old based on my own motherhood experiences this year.  Deep breath, here it goes....

Molly & Jack at the park

Dearest Mom,

I'm so incredibly sorry for...

  • Creating an imaginary friend that is responsible for all wrong-doing, tall tales, and anything I might get in trouble for
  • Spraying 1/3 of a new bottle of your perfume into the toilet after I poop
  • Throwing the most epic tantrums in front of parents you know, are trying to befriend, or make play date arrangements for me with
  • Hiding my snow pants so I didn't have to wear them for two months until my teacher sent you a note asking why I don't own snow pants.   After said snow pants have been recovered, hiding them again until a janitor finds them and donates them to charity because, clearly, they don't belong to anyone
  • Opening up all of my litterless lunch containers, but eating very little of my actual lunch so there is soggy, brown, banana mush on everything by the time I get home
  • Painting the sink with toothpaste to "make it pretty" and then freaking out when you clean (aka destroy) my art
  • Crying that my leg hurts whenever I get in trouble for being mean to my brother
  • Trying to pee in the vents because I wanted to see what happened
  • Yelling "YOU ARE EMBARRASSING ME!" at the top of my lungs after you've asked me to settle down and just walk to the car
  • Refusing to try a new food, just because
  • Nightmares about ridiculous things (like ducks with teeth) that wake up everyone in the house,  for multiple nights in a row
  • Pouring all of your body wash into my bath to make it "sudsy"
  • Timing all of my sicknesses for the few and far between times you have personal appointments, which you then had to reschedule three times in a row
  • Refusing to go to the bathroom before we go out, and then immediately demanding to go/ peeing my pants
  • Insisting on wearing, and then breaking or losing, your necklaces
  • Announcing (loudly) that you have "drunk eyes" in front of other parents at pick-up
  • Crying about random things, like when you explain that humans are animals because you don't want it to be true
  • Honking your breasts in public and announcing, "I grabbed your boobs"
  • Dozens of other unlisted "incidents"

P.S. Still not sorry for the black lipstick I wore as a teenager

P.P.S I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

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