Thursday, 29 December 2016

Dookie - Our visit to Toronto's Poop Themed Cafe

Potty humour is a pretty big staple in the life of five year olds, and since the minions are generally polite little kids we let them away with giggling at things like giant sloppy raspberry kisses that sound like farts.  Jack has been a big fan of happy faces and emojis for some time now.  His two all-time favourite emojis are a giant Happy Face with hearts for eyes and pie-eyed grin who Jack gives a voice that sounds vaguely like something out of Cheech and Chong (named Romeo) and a smiling pile of poop (who Jack named Klum).  

When I heard that they opened a Poop Cafe and ice cream shop in Toronto at Christie and Bloor I knew both kids (Jack in particular) would get a real kick out of a cafe built around his buddy Klum. We added the poop cafe to our winter bucket list and surprised the minions with a visit there for ice cream yesterday afternoon and it was a huge hit.

First off, most of the seats are real toilets. 

There's also a display toilet but the front door so you can sit or squat while you wait for your table.

The seats have blocks when you lift up the lid so you don't fall in (Jack checked)

Kids are encouraged to try on a poop themed mask

It's called a "doo-doo head" mask, but us grown-ups know it's really a s$*t head mask
This is how my coffee came, in a giant toilet bowl mug

Poop shaped waffles are $3 each and come plain or filled with nutella goodness

We ordered the oreo ice cream sundae to share.  It was more than enough for the four of us and a big hit.

The kids had a blast and have asked if we can go back again.  I'll probably tie it to a spring or summer visit to Christie Pitts park since a cold toilet bowl full of ice cream seems like the perfect top off to a day at the park.  The food was reasonable, particularly if you're willing to share.  Our trip cost us just under $25 with tax and tip in, and was well worth the expense.  Molly says her favourite part was the nutella filled waffle, while Jack says his favourite part was the toilet bowl ice cream.  The added touches of poop emoji art, poop shaped pillows, and urinal shaped water glasses kept everything on theme without being a gross-out experience.  All the same I was a little surprised they didn't offer soft serve ice cream, but that might have crossed the cute to disgusting line.  This is a great experience for kids, adults, and anyone who likes ice cream or novelty. 

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