Monday, 24 July 2017

Funky Donkey - Our Visit To The Donkey Sanctuary

Since I first met my husband he and his entire family have been talking about The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada as a fantastic place to spend a couple of hours.  Since Chris and I met in 2003, it's even more surprising that I'd never visited this wonderful place until this summer when the family decided to go out for an overdue visit.

Molly Brushing

So What's The Donkey Sanctuary?

Located near Guelph, The Donkey Sanctuary opened their doors in 1992 as a refuge for donkeys, mules and hinnies who were abused, neglected, or had owners who could no longer take care of them. At the sanctuary these donkeys are cared for, which can often save their lives, and can enjoy the rest of their lives in peace.  There are nearly 100 acres of space and 100 donkeys currently called The Donkey Sanctuary their home.

When Can I Go?

Visitors can stop by The Donkey Sanctuary on Sundays from 10AM-3PM in May to October, as well as Wednesdays 10AM-3PM in July and August.  It was about a 45-60 minute drive from Toronto for us

Donkeys Can Be Quite Social Animals & A Number of Them Even Have Best Friends

How Much Does It Cost?

Suggested donations are $10 per person.  All donations go towards caring for the donkeys.  Donations over $25 qualify for charitable tax receipts.

What Can I Do There?

After a donkey safety and etiquette lesson at the gate you can go and visit the donkeys, hinnies and mules and learn more about them and their story.  For those inclined, you can watch a donkey care demonstration or attend on of the two 'Donkey Talks' at 11AM and 1PM.  There are some light hiking trails and a picnic area nearby so you can enjoy a bite to eat (just don't eat near the donkeys).  Bring your own food, there is none for sale at the sanctuary.

A Donkey Playing By Rolling In The Dirt

The White Hinny is Molly, beside her BFF Miss J who is a Mule (Father a Donkey, Mother A Horse)

What The Kids Loved

Molly was much more into the experience than Jack who was more fascinated by the turtle shells on display by the barn.  Molly had a blast visiting Molly the Hinny (an animal with a horse for a father and a donkey for a mother) and brushing a number of donkeys.  Molly even bought a stuffed donkey from the store with some of her summer vacation money and has slept with it nearly every night since our visit.

More Brushing and Donkey Care

How Much Time Will I Spend Here?

Budget for an hour and a half to two hours, depending on the attention span of your children, and whether or not you'll want to attend a 'Donkey Talk" or have a picnic by the pond.

Will We Go Back?

Totally!  I can see this becoming something we regularly do every two or three summers!  This visit also let us cross 'Visit a farm' off of our Summer Bucket List.

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