Friday, 7 December 2012

My Secret Identity

I suspect I write a great deal more about Molly (aka the girl child) than I write about Jack, mainly because she's such a feisty and independent young woman.*  This week I had a meeting with the lead Early Childhood Education Instructor about the minions' adjustment into daycare and how they've been adapting to their new surroundings over the past three months.

Overall they're adjusting well and developing their immune systems, sigh.  The most interesting part of the assessment to me was discussion surrounding Jack and his favourite things to do and play with.  My interview with daycare and some things that Jack has been up to since we returned for our trip have pretty much confirmed to Chris and I that Jack is leading a double life.**

Jack Loves Trucks and Cars
Huh?  Maybe we focused too much on gender neutral toys at home.  I guess I know what's going on the list for Santa.

Jack will Clap Along to Music
But not in front of us.  Apparently the music we play at home doesn't inspire Jack to clap along.  I mentioned this to one of our sitter's L in disbelief and she confirmed that he claps along to music in front of her all the time.  Perhaps Little Wayne is the only person who can motivate Jack to get funky, I just don't know.  We both assumed that he didn't know how to clap, but apparently we were wrong.  Because he's a mistaker.*** 

Jack can be kinda a Jerk
Over the past month Jack has developed a new hobby....Actively stealing toys from his sister, watching her freak out and then giggling hysterically.  This started out at daycare and has now leaked over into Jackie's home life.****

Jack can hold a Grudge (Just like his mom)
For some reason Jack has been furious with Chris since we returned from our trip and now he's giving him the cold shoulder.  When Chris picks him up from daycare he slowly crawls over to say hey, but without the same excitement.  He also actively shows our cat Pan the excitement, affection and enthusiasm usually reserved for Chris.  Both Chris and Pan are unthrilled about this development.

So now we're just waiting for the next update meeting - Maybe we'll find out that he's the head of a baby gang, fluent in several languages or can ice skate. 

*This was an exact quote from one of the daycare workers in the infant room about my 16 month old.  I almost asked, "Is this a nice way of saying she's difficult?"
**Dun Dun Dun....
***  When I was growing up my mother forbade us from calling anyone a liar because she thought it was rude. So we had to call each other mistakers.  Example: As a child my mother told me that an ingredient in bubble bath was shark pee because this entertained her.  She was a mistaker, some might even say a pathological mistaker.
****Where are your glasses now Clark Kent?  You can't keep that secret identity forever.

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  1. That boy is deep as the sea, and sly as a fox (one of my grandmother's quotes, yes, for real). I love him (and Molly, but at least you know what you get with Moll, lol).