Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Night Santa Went Crazy

A few nights ago Molly looked at me and said what I thought was, "Sara".  I asked her to repeat it and was slightly disappointed to learn that she wasn't saying my name, she was saying "Santa".  The next day she said it again.  So I asked her where Santa was.  She toddled across the living room and gave her Elmo chair a giant hug.*

Then at daycare we were presented with Christmas themed "art work" from the minions: a reindeer formed out of painted hand and foot prints.  "30 painted infant hands and feet, all in one room together!" Another mother shuddered in horror when she saw her son's painting.  Chris laughed like Beavis**and said, "So much painted chaos." happily while the other mother looked at Chris like her was as nutty as a fruitcake.***

More art work for the time capsule

On another note, I got so excited while shopping at Walmart **** when I discovered something on sale for Chris for Christmas that I sent him off to find discount baby wipes while I cashed out and bought his present without him noticing after having him toss me the box of wipes while I waited in line.  Unfortunately, I was so busy trying to be stealth that I forgot about the old man style moccasin boots for Jack***** that were hanging from the back of his stroller and successfully shoplifted them from the store.  I was on the escalator to the parking garage when I realized my error and returned to cash despite Chris's comments about Walmart being an evil corporation and his insistence that I was "home free".******   Walmart - your security sucks...I successfully made it out and back into your store with "stolen" shoes and your two security staff didn't even notice and I looked really guilty on my way back in.

Jackie's New Shoes
I've decided that the minions have to be at least 12 before Chris tries to impose his Robinhoodesque ways upon the children and that I should probably be the one to teach them about why stealing is wrong.  Until then I can't afford a lifetime Walmart ban, I need the discount baby wipes!

*At least we know she's not colour blind.   
**From Beavis and Butthead, I know I'm dating myself here.
***This type of cartoonish daydream is exactly, one of the reasons, why only one other set of parents at daycare will talk to us.
****I can't believe I just uttered those words!
*****For some reason it's really hard to find size 3 baby shoes that will stay on Jack's feet, I call them old man slippers because they are almost identical to a pair my dad owns and likes so much that he bought a second pair.
******Another reason why the other parents don't talk to us at daycare.

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