Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Walk Like A Man

Today is a big day.  Today I have changed the descriptor of "mother of fraternal infants" to "mother of fraternal toddlers" in the header of my blog because Jack is walking.  He took his first steps almost exactly a week after his sister, which is another factor encouraging our speculation that Molly is actually a week or two older than her brother.  Technically with fraternal twins this is possible.*  I've also been told that it can take up to two years for twins to "catch-up" to their singleton playmates growth and development wise.  Like anything Jack related, the path to walking happened at his own pace.  Jackie speed: a new measure of time that fully encompasses distracted little boys everywhere.

Jackie's B-Boy Pose.

Here is the evolution of Jack's path to walking....

The Roll Over
Molly was excited about her new found ability.  Jack was terrified because his world had been turned upside down - literally.

The Creep (AKA the Commando Crawl)
For months** Jack didn't crawl, while Molly did.  He creeped around the floor using only his arms and dragging his belly and legs behind them.  All you could hear on our floor was a synchronised slapping of his hands followed by the sound of his body being pulled behind him.  This resulted in him essentially doing perpetual push-ups around our house for weeks.***

The Bear Crawl
We thought he was copying the cat when he'd slowly stumble around the floor on all fours with his arms and legs unbent - like an AT-AT Walker.  He would try the bear crawl for a few minutes and go back to his standard thump and drag approach to mobility.

The Standard Crawl
It took a while (at around 9 months) but he finally got there.  Over the past several months he's perfected this crawl and has become excessively and eerily fast like a creepy spider or crack squirrel, especially when he's chasing other kids, our cat or cookies.**** 

The Walk
Last week, when Chris picked up Jack from daycare he excitedly walked across the room to greet his dad.

And now, he can pull almost anything off the kitchen counter.  Last night he broke another dish.  Stay tuned for "Baby Proofing - This Time They're Mobile".

To learn about all of the different types of crawling or pre-crawling - check out this interesting link from Parents.com

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*Technically fraternal twins could also have two different fathers.  I saw something on Maury Povich about that once.
**Like 3 months, not a few weeks.
***My son's shoulder muscles are akin to something you would see in a Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch video.
****You have no idea how long I've been waiting to incorporate the Brixton Crack Squirrels into a blog posting: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2005/oct/08/drugsandalcohol.patrickbarkham


  1. I wish you luck, you life will never be the same...

  2. Yay, Jackie! I'm going to be excited to see these guys walking when I come at the end of the month!