Thursday, 4 July 2013

Horror Business

It started off slowly, but I'm fairly certain that someone in my house has been chanting incantations from the Necronomicon because objects and people in (and around) my house are slowly becoming possessed and hellbent on destroying us.  Needless to say, this week was rough.....

On Saturday our washer broke and Chris has had to hand spin our clothes while we look for a replacement.  Hardly demonic, however, we run 10-12 loads of laundry a week so this is kinda a big deal.

On Tuesday night at 10pm Molly was infected: started puking, everywhere (the Exorcist has nothing on this girl)....While I was cleaning her up in the bathtub (for the second time that night) Jack got jealous and threw a giant tantrum (think Chucky meets the Leprechaun) while Chris was scrubbing vomit off of the wall.  Molly kept asking me, "Why is Jack crying?"

Three sets of sheets and baby pyjamas later...did I mention that our washer is broken?

At midnight, Molly was thirsty, so I gave her a neon pedialite freezie, which she loved...

At 12:30 she expelled it all over our couch...(Slimer)

At 1:01AM - Chris started vomiting all over the upstairs bathroom, repeat for four hours. 

On Wednesday afternoon we discovered that Chris had clogged our kitchen sink with his vomit because he couldn't make it to the bathroom over the baby gates in time.  When we finally got it unclogged it emanated the smell of the Bog of Eternal Stench and brought it to our kitchen.

Today I learned that someone had cashed a post dated cheque several days early and I had an NSF on our bank account.  Okay, that's not something out of a horror movie, but it's still very annoying.

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