Monday, 9 December 2013

The Sound of Music

This weekend Chris and I had our first gift wrapping party after the minions went to bed.  And by wrapping party I mean Chris wrapped gifts while I wrote up labels, criticised the boxes he selected and drank cream soda while we watched The Other Guys on cable.

To get further into the festive spirit we have been cranking the holiday tunes daily.  Because of family rules we only listen to Christmas music from December 1-25th, so I really like to get my money's worth.

Worst Wrapping Job Ever!

Every year we look to increase our holiday music collection, but it's rare that we come across a complete gem!  Below are some of my favourites:

Indie(ish) Christmas Albums

Maybe This Christmas Tree - Compilation Album
This holiday treat from indie darlings from 2004 is my most played Christmas album.  It has the perfect blend of traditional songs and modern covers.  My favourites include a cover of Christmas for Cowboys by Jars of Clay and a melancholic version of Wonderful Christmas Time which can be sure to render the too many egg nog smoothies weepies in all of us.  The only song on this album I routinely skip is Lisa Loeb's cover of Jingle Bells because it's terrible.

Songs for Christmas - By Sufjan Stevens
I have been fighting with Sufjan since his self-indulgent concert of a couple of years ago that included a 27 minute auto tuned rendition of his song Impossible Soul.  This holiday album is so good that I've determined that I have to get over it and move on, I'm sure Sufjan was heartbroken.  Perfect for listening to while you sip morning coffee, or drink PBR ironically with your hipster friends.

Modern Party Classics

A Very Special Christmas 3 -Compilation Album
Proceeds from the sales support the Special Olympics.  This is a great album to put on and leave on.  A great mix of rock, light rap and pop(ish) country.  If I were to download just a few tunes from this album it would have to include: No Doubt's Oi to the World and Chris Cornell's haunting rendition of Ave Maria.  I also have a weird soft spot for Blue's Traveler's Christmas.

'Tis the Season for Los Straitjackets
A couple of years ago our friend dragged us to see EL Vez, the self proclaimed Mexican Elvis so we could celebrate Mexmas, I'm not joking.  This instrumental band opened for him and is a great instrumental option when you've had enough holiday cheese whiz but still want to feel a little nostalgic for everything red, white and green.

Classic Kid Albums I Grew Up With & Love

Merry Christmas Sesame Street
I can't even link to this one on Amazon it's so old, but it features songs and Muppet versions of classic holiday tunes and stories, Including a Bert and Ernie version of The Gift of the Maji involving a cigar box and Ernie's beloved rubber duckie.  If that doesn't have you longing for your childhood 1970's and early 1980's babies, Mr. Hooper is on this album.

A Christmas Together - John Denver & The Muppets
This is Chris's favourite holiday album and he was thrilled that we found it at Goodwill for $1.49 a couple of years ago.  A Muppet spin on all of your favourites.  Buyers beware, I was reading reviews on Amazon and apparently the most recent CD release is missing three of the classic songs.  You may do better searching thrift shops for this one.

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