Friday, 3 January 2014

At the End of the Day

On New Years Day 2013, I came across a great blog entry by the Bloggess where she tracked the strangest search results that led people to her blog.  After this I started keeping a closer eye on the random things that bring people to Multiple Momstrosity.  In 2013 I saw nearly 50,000 visitors and I'm so happy for the support and connection with many families proving the Mommy Wars (or parent wars) is just a bunch of bogus media hoopla.  I hope that many of you are regular visitors and enjoy my take on life with two plucky toddlers, although I still assume that many people stumble across this blog by accident in the search of other things (like porn) because Google can't predict everything we are searching for*.

Below in bold are the strangest search terms that have led people to my blog in the past six months.

Flute poems for mom - In  grade four and five students in my school were all made to learn the recorder.  The thing about the recorder is that even if you can play it well, it still sounds like it's being played by tone deaf gnomes who are hell bent on giving you a migraine.  I never learned to play the recorder beyond the most basic notes. I just mimed it in class, because even at age 10 I knew it was the worst.  The recitals we produced as a result of these is what my imagination comes up with when I think of flute poems for mom. Searchers were sent to my post on Terrible Mother's Day Cards I had sent to my mom as a child.

How to Emasculate a Man -  When I saw this search item the first time (it's shown up a few times), I thought about both the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and images an evil revenge plot to give someone their "comeuppance".   This led vigilantes to my post about the TV Show Modern Dads and people who don't respecting men taking paternity time.

Young Woman Sufficiently fat - Maybe someone was doing a paper on Rubenesque women, or perhaps they were trying to pull a Mean Girls on their own personal Regina George.  It took seekers to my post on BMI assessment report cards in schools.

My toddler popped a stress ball in his mouth - I can confidently say that anyone who typed this into their search engine got exactly what they were looking for on a gold platter.  Here I talk about what happens when Molly attempts to eat a stress ball (in the shape of a globe) while strapped into her car seat.

In addition, for my year end round up, below are three of my most popular posts:

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Exploring the Twin Connection.

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*An acquaintance of mine posts entertaining updates on Facebook and Twitter about Google Autocomplete and other targeted algorithm advertising failures and how these follies prove to him that robots are still a long way off from uprising and taking over the world.  For example: The tips I got on how to roll a joint from Google when I was looking to get a recipe on roasting pumpkin seeds further proves that Google doesn't know me.

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