Friday, 7 March 2014

Girl You'll be a Woman Soon

I read an article a while ago that talked about perceived age and that inside our heads we envision ourselves generally between the ages of 16-25 years old.  I don't know if there is actual "science" behind it, but I often forget that I am a grown up in my mid-thirties, but then sometimes I am reminded.

World's biggest muskoka Chair
Me in the "world's biggest" Muskoka (adirondack) Chair

11 Ways to Know That You Are A Genuine "Grown-Up" Woman:

  1. You resent being called M'am just as much as being called Sweetie, Hun or Honey.
  2. At least one of your parents calls you regularly for advice.
  3. You no longer draw straws with your spouse/ friends to see who is designated driver.  Someone just offers.
  4. You are executor of a will, an appointed guardian or emergency contact person to a non-family member.
  5. You have your own mechanic, plumber, chimney guy or landscaper.
  6. You've upgraded from $10 to $20 splurge wine, and it lasts all week.*
  7. You own more scarves than mini skirts.**
  8. You relate to the Ultra Downy Forever Young Ad so much that you almost cry whenever you see it.  Okay you totally cry.
  9. Your friends leave behind their beer in your fridge after a party and it's still there the next time they come over.
  10. A key requirement for a great work purse is that it has to be big enough to carry a spare pair of shoes, your lunch,  1-2 commuter books and your e-reader. 
  11. You eat cereal for dinner for the fibre. 

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*Who am I kidding....that's happened like twice.
**To see 7 Reasons why I think Scarves are amazing click here

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