Friday, 9 May 2014

Ever Ever After

Just over a month ago I posted about some changes we had to make in the nursery, namely the removal of a The Cure - Boy's Don't Cry poster because it turns out, Robert Smith was no longer a suitable roommate for wee Jack.  Essentially he was terrified of the poster, so we moved it down the hall to my office.  Things calmed down for a few days, but then he wanted to visit the man, obsessively touching the poster to make sure that it wasn't real.  He started doing an impression of the man's laugh, which apparently is an evil villainous cackle -  poor Robert.

We took Robert down from the wall and moved him into storage in our basement.

Classic Boys Don't Cry Poster
The Poster

Once upon a time there was a young man who considered himself an alternative music junky.  One night, while at a Cure concert he met a girl.  They spent the entire evening dancing and talking with a candidness that he had never had with anyone else before.  They even talked about having kids and boy names that they both liked.  Before she left, she bought him a Boy's Don't Cry poster as a token of the evening.  She wrote her phone number down on the back of the poster, which made her seem even cooler. He was supposed to call her the following week to arrange their first date.

In an unfortunate and debaucherous turn of events, our hero had a little too much fun at said concert and misplaced the poster.  He had no way to contact his maiden fair, so he did what many young bachelors would, he tried to chalk it off to the fact that it was only a girl and that it didn't matter.  Later he tried to re-trace his steps but came back without his glass slipper.

In the three months that followed, he karmically attributed every piece of bad luck he encountered to the loss of the poster.  His mind kept drifting back towards the girl.  He was taken aback at how easily he fell into conversation with this girl, pushing down the this could be the one thoughts that kept crossing his mind.  He eventually came across the poster in his basement storage which in his stewed state the night of the show he'd cleverly "put somewhere safe" so he wouldn't lose it.

He picked up the phone and called the girl immediately.  She wasn't buying it.  Eventually he persuaded her to give him a second chance.  His hunch was correct and they dated for seven years, then got married. Their first baby is due to arrive July 4th.

Prince Charming is in charge of designing the nursery and he wants to incorporate the Boy's Don't Cry poster into the decor.  Unfortunately after, 15 years and several moves it has gone missing,  AGAIN.

That's how Prince Charming (aka Jeff) found me, Jack and Robert Smith.  He wanted the exact same poster to complete the design of the nursery which is apparently quite difficult to procure in the specific size of the original poster and as a part of his Google searching stumbled on my post.

They don't know the gender of the baby yet, but are determined, either way, the poster will adorn the baby's room with a remarkable story behind it. Jeff's wife plans on jotting her old phone number on the back just like the original.  And, they have just begun the process of picking a girls' name...just in case.

The phrase Boys Don't Cry is a part of their history that they want to commemorate in their nursery.

The Cure means a lot to Chris and I: Chris proposed to me while the album Disintegration played on a boom box when we were camping and our wedding song was Just Like Heaven, but the absence of the poster wouldn't take that away.  The poster has limited sentimental value for Chris and I.  We inherited the poster, along with a box of records and some amazing Sid Vicious pictures that are framed on our wall in the music room from an old co-worker/friend of mine.  This was Chris' second Boys Don't Cry poster: the first one was destroyed by a bottle of mustard (a long story involving a former roommate of Chris' which I am glad was long before we ever met).

 I think this is the best possible home for Robert.  After all, otherwise he may just get lost in our basement storage and that would be tragic.  In Jack's words, "Man is happy now, Man all gone.  Bye bye man."

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