Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Old Red Eyes Is Back

I have surrendered to the fact that my children will get me ill.  That is pretty much part of the job description of a parent and even though I know that they're little germ machines who live in the vacuum of disease that is daycare this won't impact how much I enjoy  physical contact with them.  I will still kiss away their tears when they are hurt, share my food with them when they are hungry and hold them tight and close when they are sick.

I have pink eye and surprisingly I can't blame the minions for it.  I contacted the daycare and they haven't had any outbreaks for a few months, although apparently Hand Foot and Mouth is going around - so at least I have something else to look forward to this spring provided it isn't the same strain we already endured a couple of years ago.

Chris and I are making an extra effort to check things off of our "Honey Do" lists and I have been proud of our pro activeness.  This is why on Friday after work I went to get fitted and fill my prescription for glasses when I really wanted to go home and take a nap.  I carefully selected the pair that I wanted, looked into the little binocular doo hickey they use to measure you, paid my money and am awaiting the call to say that they are ready.  It is VERY LIKELY that this measurement tool was swimming with conjunctivitis and in retrospect I should have been suspicious that they didn't use sanitary wipes before or after they measured me.  By Sunday morning my right eye looked like one of those Spooky Eyes Gumballs and my doctors office confirms that the time line points to this vision centre as the source of my zombie eye.

candy eyes

Who in their right mind thought this would be an appetizing treat?

I have taken appropriate measures and added a giant pack of Lysol wipes to my epically gigantic "mom purse".  I have all sorts of room because I have had to throw out all of my brand new eye shadow and mascara to save me from reinfection - first world problems I know.

When I had kids I knew I'd be a part of a germ Petri dish, but there is something particularly irritating about contracting something so preventable.  The question of the day is this...do I report this to the store where I filled my prescription, the health department or both?  When I go to pick up my glasses next week I'll be sure to saran wrap my face to avoid further contamination.

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