Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sugar Sugar

Earlier this year our friend's son was diagnosed with type one diabetes.  Nearly six months later, after a big learning curve for everyone involved, they want to share in their experience to help promote awareness and education to parents, teachers, caregivers or anyone touched by diabetes.  We often think about coping from the caretaker's point of view, part three of this series is the perspective of Rehan, 11 years old, on his life with diabetes. 

Children dealing with type one diabetes interview
Rehan - Age 11

1. What has changed the most since you were diagnosed with diabetes?

I'd say my home life has changed the most. There are a lot more things I have to do.

2. Your mom and dad have both done a lot of research on diabetes since you were diagnosed. have you done any reading about diabetes on your own?  What have you learned?

No not really.

3. What is it that you hate the most about having diabetes? Are there any positive things?

The thing I hate most about diabetes is the constant pricking on the body. It is sometimes nice to have a break from activities for a while.

4. There are a number of celebrities and athletes (Chris Dudley, Nick Jonas, Dustin McGowan, Chris Jarvis) that have very active jobs but still perform at the highest level with diabetes, does it help to know that these role models are out there?

Well, yeah in ways those role models have kept me going sometimes. Chris Jarvis has really inspired me. Note: Chris Jarvis is an Olympic Rower with T1D who founded the 'I Challenge Diabetes' activity group.

5. How did your friends react to you having diabetes?

Some were curious and some just said ok while others tried to help out.

6. If you were to meet another kid your age who was just diagnosed with diabetes what advice would you give them?

Um, I guess I would tell them how to get through the first months because after the first months it's not so bad.

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