Friday, 11 July 2014

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - A Review of Saving Mr. Banks

Last fall Funky Lindsay posted a brilliant list entitled Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Mary Poppins on her blog. This along with my love of children's stories had me itching to see Saving Mr. Banks when it came out.  Chris and I attempted twice to see it in theatres, but both times it was sold out, so we saw it at home last week.

Here is my review of Saving Mr. Banks.

movie review saving Mr. Banks

Financially struggling author P.L Travers begrudgingly considers selling her bestselling book Mary Poppins to Walt Disney and is thrust into the magical world of Disney.  As a result she must deal with some demons from her past while she considers selling out into a Disney film in this "based on a true" story.

Best Parts of the Movie
The details in this movie are fantastic, from the very UK way that Thompson sits with a blanket in her lap to Walt Disney being a chain smoker who doesn't want to be seen smoking.  The decoration in the scene where Travers enters her Disney themed hotel room is an excellent satirical take on the excess that is Disney.  The best chemistry in the movie is between Paul Giamatti and Emma Thompson.

Worst Parts of the Movie
About half an hour into the movie Chris turned to me and said, "We get it, she's a get on with the story." which pretty much summarizes my thoughts on the movie.  They could have cut down the length significantly to make it a tighter script and cut some of the syrupy sweet sentiment to make things feel more genuine.  The movie was a little transparently Disney PR, but they didn't advertise it any differently so I didn't exactly feel swindled.

When would I Let Molly and Jack watch this movie?
This is not a kids movie.  I may let them watch this should they ever become big fans of Mary Poppins, when they're a little older - over 10.

Overall Rating
I would rate this movie 3/5.  This movie did for me what I'm sure it's aim was: it reminded me about Mary Poppins and now I really want to watch Mary Poppins with Molly and Jack.  I'll possibly grab a copy of the book myself and read it to them both at bed time in a few years.  Darn you Walt, why'd you have to be so charming!

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