Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Behind the Mask

We thought we had an epiphany moment the other night when Jack announced that he wanted to be Peter Pan for Halloween.  Then he quickly took it back and acts like we're insane every time we bring it up by saying, "No, I don't want to be Peter Pan." and laughing.  I strongly suspect he's messing with us.

Here's the thing: Chris and I both love Halloween and we're very excited to share our enthusiasm with the minions, but we're hitting some road blocks with the boy child.  In order to avoid permanently scarring him with respect to Halloween I have been researching costumes that meet (or mostly meet) his detailed specifications: No masks, no hats and limited costuming to go over his clothes.

A very sick Bam Bam who never made it Trick or Treating circa 2012.

Here are 6 simple, affordable costumes that we're pitching to Jack for Halloween, (all of which he'll probably reject):

Knight Costume: I really think he'd dig this costume because he'd get to carry a sword and he'll even match Molly in her dragon costume.  The big issue is the eye poking, dragon/Molly slaying and tears that will follow with the eventual confiscation of the sword.  
Props required: Crested shirt, boots, cape and sword.

Prisoner/ Jail Bird: This bright costume will keep him visible to cars at night, but may result in several conversations about what a prisioner is and why someone would go to jail.  We could, unintentionally, be glamourizing a life of crime to Jack in a pivotal point in his life that we are then forced to discuss at a therapist's office for years.
Props required: black and white or orange jump suit, possible hand-cuffs, ball and chain.

Scare-Crow: I'm pretty sure we have most of these supplies, but Jack will likely rub the nose paint everywhere and refuse to wear the hat, but then I guess he's a farmer?
Props required: Overalls with patches, plaid shirt, hat made from burlap sack, face paint for nose.

Skeleton: We had to remove a print of Jack and the Bean Stalk (it's a cartoon of a little boy and a bean stalk)  from the nursery because it scared Jack, so I'm not sure how dressing up as a skeleton will work.
Props required: Black outfit and white construction paper (we actually have a skeleton hoodie, so we'd just need to make the pants) This Martha Stewart Idea on creating a skeleton costume only using a black and a white t shirt is amazing

Pizza: This is Jack's favourite food and my vote for most likely candidate. 
Props required: Bristol Board, various coloured construction paper, pipe-cleaners, fabric and glue, string and a little imagination.

Caterpillar/Butterfly: Jack talks about Caterpillars and Butterflies a lot...this could be what we're looking for.
Props required: Striped clothing and cardboard wings.

minion halloween costume infant
Minion Molly on her first Halloween.

If anyone has any other ideas or strategies I'm listening....Otherwise we may be heading out in a Batman raincoat....and I guess that wouldn't be terrible.

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