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Nine - Resolution Check-In

Earlier this year I posted my New Year's Resolutions (nitty gritty details here).  I don't think I've ever followed resolutions this far into the year, but it's definitely kept me honest.   This is my third quarter Resolution Check In.

toddler dipping feet in lake
Molly in a reflective pose this summer.

Read More Books for Me
In 2013 I only read 10 books for pleasure.  So far this year I've read 17 books which, hopefully, will allow me to more than double last year's numbers.

Here's what I've read lately along with my summaries:

The Psychopath Test  by Jon Ronson - Ever wonder if someone you know with the "killer" instinct and no remorse is really a psychopath?  This is a highly addictive and entertaining read that talks about applying a checklist developed to track psychosis in everyone from convicted killers to Wall Street CEOs.

Scott Pilgram Volume 1 by Brian Lee O'Malley- The movie adaptation of Scott Pilgrim is quite similar to this book, so if you like the movie you'll probably like the book. Integration of Toronto culture into this comic zine is great.  Really quick read, but then again there are 6 volumes to the story.

Double Time by Jane Roper - As a parent of twins I enjoyed and could relate to this memoir.  I've had a number of multiple moms approach me about writing something about increased odds and effects of post-partem depression in mom's of multiples and I was hoping this book would bring me there.  I wanted a little more content on Roper's post-baby journey on her tendencies of depression that evolved into her story coping with twins and a diagnosis of bi-polar.

Coreography by Corey Feldman -  This book is kind of like a car's a depressing and sad look on what can happen to child stars and you can't help but rubberneck.  I had more sympathy for Feldman after reading the book, but was confused about his thanking his mom in his end notes despite a major theme in the book being how awful she was to him.  When I told a few people about the bio they forwarded me an article in Vice Magazine about his parties where guests can pay to hang out with Feldog...not quite the sympathetic picture he painted in his memoir.

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell - Think Office Space meets predictable romantic comedy. Even though I could guess what was going to happen next I liked the characters enough to want to find out more.  A solid debut novel.

After I do.  by Taylor Jenkins Reid - A very quick read in classic chic lit formula.  A lighthearted look at a couple who decide to take a year off from their marriage to find themselves separately before they decide whether or not they'll be together.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell - Even better than Attachments, these characters are just so likeable you root for them.  Park would make both highschool and 36 year old me swoon.  This would make a great young adult book, some parts can seem a little unbelievable, but was such a can't put it down story that I didn't care.  I gunned through it in three days.

Darling You Can't Do Both by Janet Kestin & Nancy Vonk - This is a really inspiring book (which I imagine is akin to the next generation of Lean In - I should probably read that). It's about using your feminine instincts, breaking the rules, standing-up and not being afraid to ask for what you need to succeed in your career.  Pioneers of Dove's Real Beauty campaign tell their story honestly with BS Free advice that is peppered with humour and advice.

1982 - Jian Ghomeshi - It's 1982 and young Jian wants to be David Bowie...the only problem is he's 15 years old, Persian and lives in Thornhill.  His mom wants him to be more like his neighbour Chris who keeps an immaculate lawn for his parents and has a nice haircut, like Mark Hammill.  A great coming of age tale about new wave and trying to fit in, despite wanting to be different.  It was a bit of an A side story, but I enjoyed it all the same.  And Yes Jian Ghomeshi is the CBC personality who was also in Moxy Fruvous - I'm pretty sure this book came with a Canadian flag.

Have More Date Nights With Chris:
With summer going on we used a lot of vacation time to catch some matinee movies while the kids were in daycare and even fit in a fishing trip.  We still don't get to go out together on a "date" as much as I'd like, but this resolution has been a nice, motivational reminder.

Read more stories to Molly and Jack
We continue to manage to get in 1-3 stories most nights.  On weekends when one minion (usually Jack) is up earlier than the other I've read a story or two solo and take the time to ask questions about the story and the pictures.

Be Less Strict with Toddler TV Time
The kids are obsessed with the show Mickey Mouse Club House, which is great when Chris and I want to get house work done, but can get a little bit ridiculous.  If we get tantrums for turning something off after the allocated time (we try not to shut down in the middle of an episode) the program gets banned for a few days.  Interesting Note: Mickey Mouse Club House catchy tune "Hot Dog" is performed by 90s band They Might be Giants.

Book More Time For Me
I managed two brunches and two mani-pedis in the past three months.  I had booked a yoga workshop designed to stretch out common ailments of office workers only to have it cancelled the day of, which was pretty disappointing.  Sometimes going to the grocery store solo is all I need for a break or for Chris to watch the kids while I take a nap.

How did you do on your New Years Resolutions?  Do you have any book recommendations for me? What are you planning to change next year?

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