Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Butterfly Kisses - Our Trip to the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory

We're in the dog days of winter, when we're all looking forward to the promises of spring and summer.  I am already planning our spring and summer vacations (but more on that later).  Last year we started an annual mid-to-late winter tradition of going for a weekend overnight in Niagara Falls. 

This year, after our adventures at Great Wolf Lodge, we went to the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory to add a little bit of colour to an otherwise grey Monday.

Molly was skeptical when we told her that the butterflies inside were the same size as this sculpture

We weren't sure how the minions, Jack in particular, would react to 2,500 butterflies flitting around their heads, but the trip turned out to be a huge success!

Admission is free for kids five and under, so the timing was perfect for a first visit.  Kids six and older pay $9.45 plus tax admission, while those 13 and older pay $14.55 plus tax.

Lush greenery and zebra stripes

Butterflies eat oranges and bananas, who knew?

Winter and spring hours are Sunday to Friday 10AM to 5PM and Saturdays 9AM to 5PM.  In the summer the conservatory extends their hours to 7PM and 8PM some nights.

Rock Landing

Exploring the warm paths

The staff are very knowledgeable, accessible and patient (even when you ask them numerous questions about poisonous frogs, butterflies, and eating them).  We were taught ways to get the butterflies to land on us, how to be gentle and move them off of the pathways. The kids learned gleefully about the butterflies, were happy to hold them, and Jack shocked us as being the most intent on having all of the butterflies "taste" his hand with their feet.  I highly recommend this as an educational destination for little ones who love nature!

The Butterfly Whisperer 

Don't Move, Even When It Tickles
Looks like pretty feathers
A New Friend Landing
Tip for anyone who wants more butterflies to land on them: show up wearing bright colours!

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  1. Your kids must have loved it. I loved your narration... With a good dose of humour in it 😀