Friday, 12 May 2017

Life Thru A Lens - A Mother's Day Post

Last year on Mother's Day I was gifted with one of the greatest presents I've ever had; photos with me and my children.  Since I'm the primary photographer in our family and I'm not the biggest fan of how I look in a lot of pictures I tend to avoid them (or quickly delete them).

Here's the thing, looking back I wish that there were more pictures of me and my kids at every age imaginable, and they're only five.  When Chris told me last Mother's Day that my present included a walk along the Lakeshore and him snapping dozens of pictures with the kids I was thrilled.  After dozens upon dozens of pics taken we walked away with about three photos that I loved (after I photo shopped out some graffiti).

Mom's this Mother's Day and any day, jump in front of the camera and be as present in the photos with your children as you are in their lives each day.  These don't need to be professional photos, or formal posed ones at special occasions.  You can find them every day.  While you may not love them, keep them.  You and your kids will cherish them, closed eyes, double chins and all!

Here are some of my favourite photos snapped of me and the minions over the years - TBH there aren't that many of just me and my kids and it makes me a little sad.  I'm hoping to add some more to the batch this weekend!  Be well, be happy and celebrate your family together.


Getting to know each other 1 month in

1st Christmas, I can't get over how exhausted I look here 
8 months in, finally confident for outings on our own

A rare moment with quietly sleeping baby Molly

Mother's Day 2016

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