Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

About 10 years ago I took a play writing course at Ryerson University.  On the first day of class we had to give generic introductions where we had to say our names, our favourite play and list a few of our hobbies.  One of my classmates had a hobby that has stuck in my mind through-out the years.  She announced, "I collect notepads, but not just any notepads.  I collect notepads with phrases on them, specifically phrases that have been poorly translated into English and don't make sense."  The dollar store was her mecca and she had drawers and drawers full of paper that said things like: You make me hippy or I lik your smile.  It's taken me a while to find my own notepad hobby, but I think I may have finally found something comparable of my own.

The early days of fall present a challenge - It's fairly cool a lot of mornings and then scorching hot by late afternoon.  This crazy temperature swing has me struggling with how to dress the minions in the morning before Chris walks them over to daycare because by the time I go to get them at the end of the day it's really hot outside.  I have them in layers, but calculating the correct clothing to temperature ratios and the shorts vs. trousers debate goes on daily.  If either child is anything like my father they'll be content to wear shorts instead of pants 9 months of the year. Apparently, for my dad November to February is the only time of year it's inappropriate to wear shorts, but this is also the man who has been scolded by my mother regularly for attempting to pair dress shirts (tucked in) with jogging pants for leisure wear.

As I continue to dress the minions in weather appropriate layers I've realised that both children have shot up in height, so perhaps my weather solution could involve clothing they've outgrown so we can split the difference between shorts and pants by just putting both kids in floods all day.

In light of the recent growth spurt I went into the garage the other night and pulled out two boxes of 12-18 months hand-me-down clothes that will be more appropriate once it's a little bit colder outside and will cover up baby ankles.  As I sorted the clothing I came across one of my favourite and the most random items of baby clothes I have seen to date and something that I can't wait for Jack to wear.

 These appear to be normal toddler trousers...

But this is what the pocket says.

I don't know what nut racing is, but I am in love with these pants and my new hobby.  There is no indication of a squirrel or racing theme anywhere else on the item of clothes.  I wonder if I can find a shirt to match.

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  1. Can one place bets on this "nut racing"? And is it legal in all provinces?