Friday, 1 February 2013

Keep Your Love Alive

In celebration of all things pink, red and lace I've decided to run a Valentine's Contest this month.  This is my chance to let you, my readers, share your stories about keeping the love alive: post pregnancy and beyond as parents.

The Contest:
Email a story to  of 1) how you've managed to keep romance in your relationship after parenthood or 2) Epic failures on keeping the romance alive post-parenthood.*

Entries will be accepted between February 1st and February 11th (midnight).  The winning story (as judged by myself and my charming husband Chris) will be published on my blog on Valentines Day and the winner will receive the lovely pair of earrings below. Limit of two entries per person.

The Prize:

This lovely pair of earrings compliments of Bright Shadows Jewelry: The perfect gift for you the winner, or another special someone in your life.

Pearl Chandelier Hoops, Bridal, Wedding Earrings, Chain, Silver, Crystal
Notes About the Judges:
One of us is a romantic, the other is not so much, can you guess who's who?
In an act of True Romance (or kindness) Bright Shadows Jewelry is generously offering Multiple Momstrosity Readers a 10% discount on all items in her Etsy store. This offer is open to anyone who uses the code Momstrosity10 when checking out their order for the next six months (Until August 2013).  Take advantage of this great offer!
*Since this blog is primarily about my husband and I and our disastrous attempts at retaining some semblance of sanity as the parents of multiples you can only guess what my entry would look like, but it would likely involve feces from my son and a tantrum from my daughter/Chris or I.

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