Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Two Princes

There is an ongoing joke in my family about The Emperor's New Clothes.  It started at Christmas many, many years ago and involves a family member of mine running into the living room late one Christmas Eve, wearing nothing but a bathrobe and underwear yelling, "The Emperor's New Clothes!" over and over again.*  This year I asked a few friends to help me find some naked Ken Dolls at local thrift stores to give to the "victim" of the robe assault as a part of their Christmas gift.  My friend T secured me two naked prince dolls from Value Village: Aladdin & Prince Eric, wrapped in plastic for only $1.49.

 Unfortunately I forgot them at home on Christmas Eve and they never made their way to their intended recipient.  The result - they've been kicking around our house for two months now and have made their way into the minions toy pile.  This Sunday Molly found her new favourite toy. Naked Aladdin, cause let's face it, no one really likes Prince Eric.** Molly carried Naked Aladdin everywhere.  This made me a little uncomfortable, maybe it's his dead inside Keanu Reeves eyes, painted on bikini briefs or the fact that he doesn't have nipples.  My daughter prefers a vagabond thief who owns a pet monkey over all other toys, I'm sure this is just the beginning of a series of many sound life choices.  Thankfully she abandoned Naked Aladdin for a cup full of cut strawberries before nap time so we didn't have to have the talk just yet.

This is prince Eric with his clothes on.  Weak sauce, right?

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*Alcohol may have been involved.
**Sorry Ariel, but even you know it's true.

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