Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Word

This past weekend the minions turned 18 months.  Jack was also horrifically sick with a stomach virus (as was I), It didn't help that he threw up on me 9 times over the course of 6 days.  Late one evening while I was rocking my little boy in front of an episode of Community, he repeated something out of a conversation between characters Britta and Jeff.  A tiny, but distinctive "Dude!" was called out from over my shoulder.  I looked at Chris for confirmation, "Yeah, our son just said dude."

There was a slight delay in my excitement due to extreme exhaustion and frustration, but when I did my periodic check up on how the minions are faring score wise on first words (by 18 months most children can speak around a dozen words clearly)   I decided to do a little check.  Here are the ten most common first words, then there are the first words that my children say....

Individual words: Mama, Dada, Daddy, Kitty, Cat, Doggy, Nana, Grampa, Cousins, Sue, Yes, Jack, Dance, That, Sock, Shoes, Dick*, Santa, Drew, Hello?
Phrases: I'm busy, Taking it, Give it to me, Can I play with that?**, Just a sec, This is that, that is this, Jack no!***, You're welcome.

Individual words: Mama, Dada, Daddy, Bite, Hit****, Nana, Up, Dude, Jack, Attack, Kitty, Cat, Izz (for one of our sitters), More.
Phrases: Jack Attack.

This is super exciting and extremely horrifying at the same time.  First off my kids are parrots when you don't want them to be (Molly) and second when you try to get them to perform you end up getting the Michigan J. Frog treatment.

Michigan J Frog.svg
Image Courtesy of Wikipedia
 By the time they are 24 months they should be saying between 50-300 words. I am convinced that I'm going to be appalled by what we teach them over the next few months. Maybe a swear jar? I don't know how to cure Chris of his constant colourful commentary while driving.

When I was a kid and not allowed to swear, my brother and I developed a secret "swear language" so my mother wouldn't know that we were saying mean things to each other.  All I have to say is this, there are a lot of "households" on the road...and I'm sure my brother would agree.

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*Yeah, I know it's bad right? Surprisingly it wasn't me she picked it up from, it was her dad while he was driving.
**Clearly the girl knows what she wants and isn't afraid to let you know.
***Another parenting triumph on our part.
****Many of these words are in response to Molly, "Taking it" or showing Jack who's the boss.

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  1. I'm just so impressed that Jackie says my name! I should have known, the boy is in love with me (and me with him!) :)