Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Raspberry Beret (Barrette)

Long before Chris and I became parents we both emphatically agreed in our spawn's own right to embrace the unique zaniness of childhood.   We would not be embarrassed when they wanted to wear their Halloween costume to the mall.  We would not bat an eyelash when they insisted everything in their room be affixed with a giant unicorn sticker or when they decided that a giant long rat rail was "the new black".  In fact we would be present and supportive, smiling, nodding and taking as many pictures as we could for future family roastings and wedding speeches. 

Nothing gives me greater pleasure in supporting the whims of two tiny eccentrics and their journey towards individualism, sigh.  Give me a fork, because I am about to eat my words.

I am super supportive of project Unicorn*, unless it is a giant pain in the butt.

Back in the one hair clip days.

Molly has become obsessed with accessories, specifically hair clips and barrettes.  A few months ago in an attempt to keep hair out of her eyes, I secured the clip and made a comment about how pretty her hair looked.  I did this in the hope of preventing her from immediately removing said clip, ramming it into her brother's eyes and then choking on it.  She immediately pulled out the barrette and threw it on the floor, refusing to let it muster her beautiful locks.

Fast forward a few months.  Now that Molly's hair is long enough that there is no real functional reason to wear clips, she's obsessed.   In the mind's eye of toddler logic if one clip is "pretty", a dozen clips are transcendent and epically mythical.  Each morning I develop carpel tunnel when adorning what feels like hundreds of clips to Molly's ponytail and each night before bath time I need to wrestle out all of the clips that she hasn't managed to lose through-out the day while she does her best crazed honeybadger impression...repeat.

My sore hands are proof that I support you my tiny little girl child snowflake!

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*The acronym for Project Unicorn (which I just made up) Unique Needs In Children's Oddities, Respect and Nurture.  Patent pending...yes you are all unique snow flakes.

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