Thursday, 28 November 2013

These Boots Are Made for Walking

I'd like to say that we put off purchasing winter boots for Molly and Jack until the last minute because as a savvy shopper I'm trying to ensure that I got the correct size. Jack's feet grow like weeds or Pinocchio's nose when he's lying.  The truth is that it was the day before the first snow fall and I knew that daycare wouldn't be thrilled with a make shift solution of two pairs of thick socks and leg warmers crammed into Molly and Jack's rain boots, although I briefly entertained this option in pursuit of a little rest.

So like any good (desperate) parents we shuttled off to Walmart in that 45 minute window between dinner and bath time.  Molly and I went to the shoe department while Chris and Jack headed to the pharmacy.  After I explained to Molly what we were looking for, she got really excited.  She picked out a pair of pink and silver "moon boots" and tried them on.  Molly and the boots became fast friends and she refused to take them off, no matter what.  In favour of avoiding Battle Royale in the middle of the shoe department, I let it go. I tore off the plastic tabs connecting the two boots together so she could walk around the store, in peace, while I searched for Jack's boots. 

She paraded around the store calling out, "Look, ma Boots!  Molly's Boots!" and then did a little curtsy and kick of her leg for anyone who would pay attention.  Jack's boots were fitted and removed with out incident (although he insisted on wearing them on his hands all the way home).

We had to pick up Molly and shove her feet in the cashiers face so the boots could be scanned and paid for.  Although in retrospect I probably could have just torn off the price tag and handed it over.

The following morning I had to bury the boots in a bag and sneak them into daycare, so she wouldn't see them and insist on wearing them for picture day. Then yesterday evening we drove passed some girls crossing the street in boots that light up as you walked,  Molly was thrilled.  I guess I know what's on the shopping list the next time her feet grow.

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