Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Do You Believe in Magic?

Being the parent of a toddler puts you in an interesting position of power.  Your children are young and naive  so they pretty much think that you're amazing and have ridiculous expectations of your capabilities.  In a few years when the minions roll their eyes at Chris and I or scream about how unfair we are, I'll look back at this and remember a time when we had magical powers.

red riding hood and knight halloween costumes
Sir Daddy the Knight and Little Red Riding Hood

7 Amazing Things that Toddlers Believe About Their Parents.

  1. You are a magician.
    When they hand you a broken pencil, cookie, toy and declare, "Fix it!" You know that they really believe that you can.
  2. You are a celebrity.
    Both children have pointed to a number of models, singers and actors on TV...all who have the same colour hair as me and declared that they are in fact mommy.  This is amazing when it's Zooey Deschannel or Lilly Allen, confusing, although complimentary, when it's Halle Berry and a little alarming when it's Tommy Lee or Kid Rock.
  3. You are a Disney Princess/Prince.
    Apparently Molly believes that I can communicate with animals and that they will do what I say.  The other morning she instructed me to, "Tell the birdies to be quiet.  They're too noisy!" She didn't believe me when I explained that they wouldn't listen to me.
  4. You are a healer.
    Your kisses can make anything from a scraped knee to hurt feelings feel better.
  5. You are funnier than the best comedians.
    Your slap stick moves rival the Three Stooges' and your impressions are on par with Dave Coulier (but in a good way).
  6. Your lap is the coveted spot and you always sit at the cool kids table.
    Brawls will break out over who gets to sit with you.
  7. Your narration is on par with Morgan Freeman and that guy from the Coors Light commercials.
    You tell the best stories and not just because it's delaying bed time.  Just don't hold your breath over scoring a VISA commercial contract or a voice-over in the next Pixar movie.

With great power comes great responsibility.  Enjoy it and always remember it!

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