Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Market Song

Whenever Toronto is offering up something new and fun we try to support it in whatever way we can. When I found out about Steam Whistle's (indoor) Winter Farmers Market I was pumped.  Chris and I went on a brewery tour for our second date and had our wedding reception there, so Steam Whistle is near and dear to our hearts.  

It was also an opportunity for an activity that was fun for Molly and Jack as well as mom and dad.  The market is open on Sundays, from December 22nd until February 23rd (this coming Sunday) from 10AM-2PM.  This weekend was our third attempt to go to the market, as earlier trips were thwarted by rain, snow, sleet, dark of night and toddler infections: clearly we are not the US postal service.  

It's an eight minute walk from Union Station or there is  plenty of fairly pricey, pay parking around (it cost us $9 to park at the Air Canada Centre and walk over).  

What was in it for Molly and Jack: 
  • A great view of all of the trains displayed outside
  • Samples of organic chocolate, fresh apples, BBQ sauce on crackers as well as apple cider
  • They got to run around the newly poured foundation of the scheduled expansion of the brewery while squealing (they only got a couple of suspicious looks) and Jack warmed the hearts of most patrons by giving a round of high fives to nearly everyone in the brewery

Chris Pushing Molly in the snow

steam whistle market
Molly and Jack Playing

What was in it for mom and dad:
  • We got to enjoy a pint of Steam Whistle Beer each
  • We got to watch some of the Olympics on TV while the minions ran around
  • Accommodating vendors let us buy individual apples from giant baskets so Molly and Jack could eat while we sipped
steam whistle market
Molly unsuccessfully attempting to get a sip of mom's "juice".

What we bought:
  • Apple Cider
  • Sparkling apple juice
  • Chocolate Strawberry Tea (this stuff is soooo good)
  • Apple butter BBQ Sauce
  • 2 honey crisp apples that were immediately consumed by Molly and Jack  (I'm tempted to go back and grab a basket next week)
  • Home made dog biscuits for uncle D.'s new puppy (made from some byproducts left over from the Steam Whistle brewing process)

Farmers market
Some of our purchases

Don't expect a huge selection of fresh product at the market, but we loved almost everything we tried there and Molly and Jack adored being taste testers.  On the way home Molly kept telling us how much fun she had at the market.  Also it wasn't overly crowded, so it was easy to keep an eye on the minions.  If you're looking for something to do next Sunday in downtown Toronto, I highly recommend you check it out before it's gone!  Added bonus, it's right across the street from the brand new Ripley's Aquarium in case you  need some liquid courage before you face the sharks!

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