Sunday, 15 June 2014

Daddy Dearest

I want to dedicate my father's day post to my father who had a heart attack last week while stealing home at a baseball game in a game where parents challenged local pre-teens.  He was rushed to hospital, had to have a stint put in, an external pace maker and essentially scared the crap out of all of us.  In typical papa style he wasn't out of surgery for more than half an hour before he wanted to confirm with me that I had in fact received his answers to my father's day questions for the blog and boasted to all of his children about what a great game he had played that evening.  He was also insistent that Chris and I still go up north for a couple of days to the cottage we had rented with the minions because he knew how much we were looking forward to our time away with our kids and he was, "just chilling" (his words I swear).   After delaying our trip we decided to listen to the man, but only once the doctors said he was recovering well and we knew he was getting better when he expressed his concerns over the WiFi situation at the hospital because he didn't want to miss any of the World Cup.  The hospital doesn't permit or encourage visitors under 12 so we have been visiting without Molly and Jack.  They are going to have to wish Papa a Happy Father's Day over the phone even though Jack is asking to visit Papa hourly.  A special thanks to all of the hospital staff who have been missing their Father's Days to ensure my dad gets better and has access to this afternoon games on his iPad.

Below are some of my favourite answers to the Father's Day Questions I sent out last week featuring answers from many of the dads I know, including my husband and my own dad - all of the words below and the actions I see from all of the dads I know have made it very clear how much being a parent means to all of you.  Happy Father's Day!

father and daughter horseback riding
 Me and my dad - I don't know why I remember this but the horse I am on was named Bam Bam

What important life lesson have your child/children taught you this year?

Mike (father to two daughters): Patience, and that I don't have any.

Martin (father to pre-teen son and pre-school daughter): My children have taught me to take the needed time to listen to them. It can take a long time, especially with my pre-teen, but patience pays off.

Chris (my husband - father to twin toddlers): I’ve learned to prioritize things.  I used to obsess about work, bringing extra work home on the weekends, etc.  Now, there’s no question that if I can be spending time with my kids, that is my absolute highest priority.  When I have something to do that I can’t bring my kids, I try to plan it to minimize the impact it’s going to have and maximize the face time I get.  I enjoy my children far more than I ever thought I would.

Piper's Dad: Pay attention to your surroundings.

Ben (father to one year old son): You're going to be tired whether you maintain a social life or not. So, better to keep the social life and at least have fun while you're tired. Find a good sitter and use the heck out of 'em.

What is your proudest parental moment?  

My dad (Father to three grown children, four grandchildren): For you specifically, that you grudgingly took and legitimately passed grade 12 math - only for me, as you often point out.  Other than that, I can't think of just a proudest moment, but rather an on-going pride that all of you have a strong work-ethic, are tolerant of others and think for yourselves AND that you have chosen partners with the same qualities (the better to raise our grandchildren with).

Chris (my husband - father to twin toddlers): Having my very first real conversation with my daughter stands out as a really special moment.  I also love watching my son work at figuring something out and having him solve a problem, oftentimes things that I would never think possible.

Martin (father to pre-teen son and pre-school daughter)When I see my 11 year old son and 3 year old daughter play together nicely.

What is your least proud parental moment?

From my dad (Father to three grown children, four grandchildren): Maybe it's senility, but I can't think of a least proud moment, unless you want to remind me of something.

Chris (my husband - father to twin toddlers): Least proud moment would have to be standing in line at the grocery store and seeing an old woman slip and fall down in a pool of my daughter’s vomit because the cleaning staff didn’t get there fast enough.

Mike (father to two daughters): Every time my patience runs out and I just get frustrated.

Ben (father to one year old son): When I decided that a questionable piece of avocado was probably still good.

strawberry shortcake toys, strawberry house
This photo is from Christmas morning...can you feel the magical holiday excitement?

What is the strangest thing you've caught yourself saying/doing with or explaining to your child?

Mike (father to two daughters): Explaining how Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same person. Also teaching the kids the proper use of the word "awkward!" 

Piper's Dad: When we go to the grocery store and I talk to her about everything we're going to buy and where different fruits and vegetables come from.

Ben (father to one year old son): Catching myself wondering if cat food really does taste good?

Chris (my husband - father to twin toddlers): Conversations about the “differences” between boys and girls have been fun and typically very amusing.  The questions and comments coming from the kids are so candid and honest.

Martin (father to pre-teen son and pre-school daughter):  Creating a double braid for my daughter’s Rapunzel doll.

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