Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Wizard

Today I received some wonderful news.  I was nominated for the 2014 Multiple Parenting Blog Awards via Voiceboks.  What makes this extra exciting is that How Do You Do It? Moms of Multiples Tell it Like it Is, a site I contribute to, and several of its other regular contributors have also been nominated for their individual blogs!  For the next 32 days I'm competing head to head against a bunch of very talented writers - some who I already know and follow personally.  Whoever nominated me and my favourite multiple parents, thank you so much for taking the time to put Multiple Momstrosity forward.  Also thank you to Molly and Jack for filling our lives with the 4 Es of parenting multiples (or any children):  Expensive, Enriching, Entertaining and Exhausting.

Every year Chris and I host a euchre tournament, where friends enjoy some drinks and cards....This past year one of the participants created a Wizard Staff out of his empties (made a giant walking stick out of beer empties and duct tape to "celebrate" his drinking prowess).  Surprisingly, Molly and Jack did not stir the entire evening of the tournament.  The next morning Molly and Jack awoke to discover the spoils...behold some photographic evidence as to why this is NOT a nomination for parent of the year.

Wizard Staff
 "I knight thee Coors Light of The Junction"

Wizard Staff
Yes, Molly is playing horsey with the wizard staff.

This is where I need your help as readers, friends, parents and bloggers!  The rules of this contest are fairly strict: 1 vote per IP address per day period and no shenanigans/giveaways or promotions to solicit votes.   Here's my pretty pretty please with sugar on top request:

Any of the following four things would help me get closer to my personal goal of making the Top 10! -

  1. Click Here Now and cast your vote for Multiple Momstrosity #27, it's the little heart icon that pops up in the top right hand corner that registers a vote NOT clicking on the photo.  If you follow any of the other blogs or enjoy them like say HDYDI (#21) you can vote for them too - you can vote for up to five different blogs daily.
  2. Vote daily or whenever you think about it.  If you're at another computer, cell phone or new IP address you can vote again.
  3. Send an email or three to a few friends, fellow parents, relatives, people you think might enjoy reading about the minions and include this link: asking them to cast a vote for Multiple Momstrosity #27. 
  4. Tweet, Post Facebook Updates, Google Plus things and share the word on the interwebs about how people should vote for Multiple Momstrosity:
Fellow Bloggers, if you could give me a shout out to get your readers to check me out and vote for me...well that would be pretty great as well!

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