Monday, 2 June 2014

T(w)eenage Dream

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend the afternoon in Malibu Barbie's dream house?  Or get a make-over from Clueless's Cher Horowitz?  Look no further.  A couple of weeks ago my brother's fiancĂ© K and I took my niece to Glama Gal Tween Spa as her sixth birthday present.  We purchased her the Mini Inspiration Spa Sampler ($30) and signed ourselves up for two Dessert Manicures (also around $30 each).

When I asked my niece if she wanted to choose a "stage name" for my blog review she informed me that I should refer to her as Olaf throughout my review, her second favourite character in Frozen, after Elsa - apparently the minions aren't the only Frozen fans in the family.

Review Glama Gal Tween Spa

The Decor:
The pink, black and white design that is embellished with candy displays, inspirational quotes and fake chandeliers looks like a collaboration inspired by Marie Antoinette, Barbie and Avril Lavigne. (I am almost certain that I am dating myself with the Avril reference).  This is what I imagine Candy Mountain to look like.

Glama Gal Tween Spa
Note the modern day version of "Tiger Beat" that my niece was reading. 

Our Spa Experience:
We were greeted at the spa entrance by the receptionist/manager who led us into a room where my niece was fitted for sparkly spa flip flops and where we were all given matching monogrammed robes.  We were then led to a room where the chairs were in the shape of high heeled shoes where we could indulge in Pinktinis (pink lemonade), mini cupcakes and select our nail colours.  A few minutes later one of the Glama Gal staff, a teenaged girl, came to greet Olaf for her pedicure.  After a lengthy discussion about how amazing Katy Perry is, the spa put Perry's latest album on just for Olaf.  

Glama Gal Tween Spa high heel chairs
The most comfortable high heels ever!

When Olaf's bubble gum pink pedicure was complete the Bath Bomb Sommelier presented a wide bouquet of  bath bomb scents for us to select from.  We respectively chose orange, grape and Tutti-Fruity.   We were then escorted over to a large counter where another Glama Gal joined us to help with the manicures.  First we soaked our hands in our fizzy bath bombed water.   We were then presented a giant bowl of hand scrub made to look like an ice cream Sundae for us to rub all over our hands and then rinse (hence the term "dessert" manicure). Finally we were given express manicures.  The staff took us all through some fun and dramatic diva inspired ways to wave our nails dry.  Note: Glama Gal Spa doesn't clip or trim nails and cuticles.  

After a few minutes of drying, Olaf was ushered to a giant circular couch so she could select lip gloss and perfume to complete her Spa Sampler package.  The staff then gladly posed for pictures with Olaf and presented her the opportunity to select a gift from the swag wall if we agreed to post something about our experience on their Facebook page.  Olaf selected a sparkley hair band.

Glama Gal Tween Spa pedicure
Fuschia Toes!

Best parts of the Experience:
The young ladies at the spa were wonderful, approachable and truly made Olaf feel like Queen for the day.  It was like being at an elaborate sleepover held by your best friend's "cool" older sister.  The spa offers everything from Mom and Me Packages to Sweet Sixteen Parties (complete with photo shoot) to Toddler and Tiara Parties. When I asked the staff about reactions to the spa, our Glama Gal told me that sometimes girls at parties get so happy they weep with excitement and don't want to go home.  Essentially it's like being at a New Kids on The Block Concert circa 1990.

Olaf's Review:  
When Olaf was asked what the best part of the day was, she simply replied: EVERYTHING! 

Glama Gal Tween Spa manicure
Olaf decided to alternate between pink and black for the manicure.

Value for the Money:
 I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Olaf's birthday with her.  That being said I think there is an age expiration date for this spa experience.  As an adult I'd opt to bring a second child rather than partake in the dessert manicure again just because a high school student isn't quite capable of  providing me with the salon services that I've grown accustomed to as an adult.  Later that day I received a text from K informing me that her hands smelled like a "baby prostitute", but it didn't matter because we'd made Olaf's weekend.

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