Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Happy Wanderer - Hiking at Lambton Park

Chris and I have continued our mission to get the minions "trail ready" so they can share one of our favourite activities with us, hiking.  As I've mentioned previously, we are trying to give both kids their billy goat legs so they can master short trails without us having to break out the hiking carriers (which are fantastic and can hold up to 45lbs, but not ideal for exploring and working on trail walking).   

We've been seeking out nearby parks and trails that are toddler friendly to help better prepare them (ahem) for "the roads ahead" and hopefully provide them with an appreciation of something that we can do together as a family.

Our second hike was a series of short trails off the Humber river in Toronto in what I believe is called Lambton Park (we entered the paths off of Howland and Dundas Road).  The 55 Warren Park bus will also take you to this location. 

Below are some things that make Lambton Park a great destination for hiking training for kids.  Our biggest issue to date has been trying to teach Jack the old hiking motto of "Take only pictures, leave only footprints".  We had to stop several times to get him to unload the rocks, sticks and other souvenirs he was attempting to collect.  I'm convinced he's building a nest.

hiking at Lambton Park Toronto
Easy access to the Humber River bike paths, park (with mini playground) and open fields to play.  Wide trails that make you feel like you aren't even in the city.

hiking at Lambton Park Toronto
Some debris, roots and logs to climb over to help train agile hikers.  Molly and her hide and seek tree.

hiking at Lambton Park Toronto
Some mini bridges to get over muddy areas.

I'd say our "hike" was about .5km each way and both kids fared well, I however had to take allergy medication for the ton of bug bites I got while we went on our late afternoon/early evening stroll, but the mosquitoes seemed to favour parental blood to that of the minions.

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