Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Happy Wanderer - Hiking High Park

We continue to search for hiking options for the minions in and around the city of Toronto in an attempt to give both kids their billy goat legs so they can master short trails without us having to break out the hiking carriers.

Our third hike was the west ravine nature trails off the beaten paths of High Park (about a two minute walk from the subway station to the gates of the park and another few minutes until the trail which is just past the west road concession stand).  We meandered on these trails for almost 3km before we made our way to the snack stand for Popsicles to reward our little hikers (which is near the head of the trail).  

Below are some things that make High Park a great destination for hiking training for kids.  

High Park Hiking Trail
Jack collecting acorns on the trail to feed the chipmunks.

High Park Hiking Trail
Molly quickly discovered that yelling, "Hey chipmunks, where are you?" may not be the best way to entice the critters to hang out with you.  Yes she is wearing winter boots with her summer dress...it wasn't worth the fight.

High Park Hiking Trail
This is the section of the trail near where we came across a small snake.  The kids were super excited.  The snake seemed less than thrilled about our meeting.

High Park Hiking Trail, Pond
Hiding behind daddy and crying that the chickens were going to get them!  Note that my children think that ducks are chickens.  This totally makes sense since they have never seen a yellow duck that is not made of plastic.  It turns out there is a duck called the American Pekin Duck that is in fact yellow and the most popular duck breed in the states.  Here in Canada we have Mallard Ducks (also known as chickens to my children) and hang out with yellow ducks at bath time.

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