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My Yellow Crayon

This weekend I attended a public relations class where we chatted about the importance of human interest stories in a time when negative news is so prevalent.  There is a prominence of child abduction and other worst case scenario hitting news desks, not because they are common in North America, but because they sell copy.  In turn we see the dichotomy of the rise of fun, funny or heart warming news to help lighten programming.  I suspect that some of the popularity of cute cat videos and viral YouTube videos is because we need good news.

One of the examples that was brought to the table was highly successful campaigns that Crayola has run where they have crayon aficionados voting surrounding "retiring colours" from their catalogue, favourite crayon colours and everything colouring.

When I was a kid one of my favourite things to do was to colour.  In the spirit of a time period where the minions are spending more and more time learning about colours, colouring and expressing themselves I thought I'd share some awesome facts about everything crayons.

20 Awesome Things About Crayons That You Probably Didn't Know

original crayons
Some early packages of crayons courtesy of Wikipedia
  1. The first box of Crayola crayons came off the production line in 1903.
  2. Since the beginning Crayola has produced over 130 colours (not including speciality colours).
  3. The name crayon comes from "craie," the French word for "chalk," and "ola," for "oleaginous," or "oily."
  4. Early crayons included red oxide pigment used as barn paint and carbon black used in car tires.
  5. Crayola produced their first box of eight crayons and sold them for 5 cents.
  6. In 1962 Crayola renamed their crayon shade "Flesh" not everyone's flesh is "Peach".
  7. It took over 35 more years for them to rename "Indian Red" to "Chestnut" in 1999.
  8. Americans voted in an online poll for their favourite crayon was blue.
  9. The World's Largest Crayon was unveiled at Crayola's 100th Birthday party in Easton, Pa., on Oct. 11. Breaking the Guinness record.
  10. The World's Largest Crayola Crayon weighed in at 1,500 lbs., 15 feet high, 16 inches wide, in America's favourite colour --blue.
  11. Prussian blue, was the first Crayola crayon colour to get renamed as,"midnight blue." Teachers lobbied for the change arguing that children could no longer relate to Prussian history.
  12. Smosh produced a list of the 10 Worst Crayola Crayons including: Asparagus cause this colour is responsible for, "ruining a perfectly good drawing with the one veggie famous for making your pee smell funny" or Bittersweet: "Has there ever been a crayon colour better suited to let small children capture both fleeting joy and enduring sadness in their drawings of a house, family, and sun?"
  13. In 2003 Crayola launched it's save the shade contest where people voted from a list of crayons on the chopping block on which colour would be spared from retirement, Burnt Sienna won. Teal Blue, Blizzard Blue, Mulberry and Magic Mint weren't so lucky.
  14. I am convinced that somehow this vote on saving crayon colours was partially responsible for this personal favourite book, The Day the Crayons Quit. - cause crayons have feelings too!
  15. How do you remove crayon drawings from the wall (cause come on we knew this was coming).  Suggestions include: Damp Rag and baking soda, vinegar, WD40, Toothpaste, Mayonnaise, pencil erasers, or steel wool. (Is it just me or does this list somehow seem like the escalation in the Simpsons episode where Lisa Simpson gets gum stuck in her hair?)
  16. For tips on getting crayon out of fabric, drapes and carpet try some of these suggestions. You know they aren't going to just attack the walls!
  17. If you're looking for another crayon story check out the classic Harold and the Purple Crayon.
  18. Looking for some non-traditional crayon activities for kids, check out this list from Spoonful.
  19. Want a colouring book of your own?  Here are 8 super strange colouring books you can buy for the adult who has everything.  If anyone wants to buy me the romantic goth colouring book I'm game.
  20. Does your kid prefer rocks to crayons like our Jackie can purchase them a little sack of crayon rocks.  Friends got them for him for his birthday (they were a huge hit). We need to periodically hide them from him because he gets a little Gollum with them yelling, "They're mines..."whenever his sister wants to use them. 

Some retired crayons care of Wikipedia

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