Thursday, 12 November 2015

Black Market Baby - Is Robert Munsch a Bad Influence?

The minions love books by Robert Munsch and Chris and I like them too.   They're fun to read aloud, get plenty of laughs and they're never boring.  A while back I was searching for some "new to us" titles to explore and came across some rants from parents about what a bad example characters in Munsch's books set with terribly disobedient, rude children and neglectful parents.  Since Molly and Jack are quite aware that stories are pretend and intended to take you to a magical place, we are not going to start a book ban based on mischief created by the world of fiction.  That being said, I thought it might be fun to re-name some of the titles based on the bad examples set.  Warning: the rest of this entry contains a lot of spoilers.

Mr. "Bad Influence" Robert Munsch courtesy of Famous Authors.

Judgemental Parent Plot Synopsis: Little boy, Mortimer, seeks negative attention at bed time by singing an angsty anti-establishment punk song at the top of his lungs.  Rather than deal with the problem themselves, his parents call the police to step in.  When the police fail at silencing the lad, dad gets into a domestic dispute with the siblings and mom gets all up in the grill of the cops.  Mortimer falls asleep while his mom goes to jail for assaulting two police officers.
New Title: COPS (for kids)

Angela's Airplane
Judgemental Parent Synopsis: After Angela's father "disappears" at the airport, assumingly to smuggle drugs, she thwarts airport security, swipes a plane and then crashes it into the ground.  Thankfully, Angela possesses super hero level healing ability and rises from the crash without a scratch.  Having completed his "transaction" at the airport, Angela's father re-appears and forbids her to ever drive an airplane ever again, but when she grows up she decides to be a pilot, just to spite her dad.
New Title: Grand Theft Airplane: Angela's Joy Ride

Murmel Murmel Murmel
Judgemental Parent Synopsis: Five year old Robin finds an infant buried in her sandbox.  Instead of panicking about a potential sink hole or baby burying psychopath, she decides to take matters into her own hands.  Unsupervised and dangerously absent of any inkling of stranger danger she starts soliciting strangers on the street to unload her black market baby.  Eventually she finds a rando truck driver who gladly trades her his rig for said baby.
New Title: Free Baby, No reference required

If you want to get the real inspiration/background behind the Robert Munsch classics you can find them on his website.

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