Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Sleepy Time Time

I'll admit it, we've always been incredibly lucky when it comes to the kids and sleep and a lot of parents rightfully groan when we boast about it.  About a month ago, when another parent friend was telling us what an ordeal bed time is in their house I shrugged unknowingly.  "We've never had much of a problem" I said, "Sometimes Molly will even ask to go to bed."  Then, suddenly bedtime got difficult.  So, get me a fork, I'm about to eat my words.

Bedtime has been a literal nightmare recently.  Long gone are the days of snuggles, extra stories and a quick and quiet lights out complete with kisses.  Nowadays it goes more like this....

Literally sleeping like a baby...

7:40PM - Announcement from parent about bath time.
7:41PM - 7:45PM - Declaration of sudden near death levels of thirst and/or hunger from both children.
7:46PM - Sudden abandonment of glass of milk, piece of fruit or cracker with less than one sip/ bite taken.
7:48PM - Run around the house naked and avoid bath at all costs.
7:49PM - Request from parent about going to the washroom before bath.
7:49PM - Request denied.
7:50PM - Both children in bath.
7:51PM - Request received from one or more child to go potty, NOW!!!
7:53PM - Spirited "debate" over whose hair will get washed first.
7:56PM - Quiet giggling and pretending to be mermaids in bath.
7:58PM - Bathroom soaked in sudden splash fight.  Two mermaid suspects wanted.
8:01PM - Mermaids begin to fight about where they are sitting in the bath.  Parental intervention determines that bath time is officially over and it's time to get out and dry off.
8:01-8:06PM - Two soaking wet, naked "mermaids" decide that optimal drying is not achieved by using towels, but instead by rolling around in a bed, preferably the one with newly changed sheets (their own, ours or a combination thereof).
8:08PM - Children tackled and placed into pyjamas.
8:10PM - Mom or dad read story aloud (apparently to selves) while children run around the house screaming and singing, until someone slips and starts crying.
8:11PM  "How are they naked, again?"
8:15PM - Frustrated parent finishes story and suggests it's time to go to bed.
8:16PM - Sudden burst of hunger and thirst reignites.  When this mission fails both children need to use the facilities, again.  This results in one to 10 minutes of toilet sitting -  No one actually uses the facilities, despite the cries of urgency.
8:17PM - Both children are sad and or scared and parents are exposed to additional stall techniques including "But you didn't give me a high five!" "What are you making me for lunch tomorrow?" or "I need to go and find that random toy I haven't played with in six months right now!"
8:22PM - Sudden sleep filled silence.

If anyone has any tips to make bedtime fun and story filled again, I'm listening and eating humble pie (and I don't even like pie!)

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