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The First Noel - Gift Ideas for the Mama-To-Be

I had just discovered I was pregnant when the holiday season hit in 2010.  I spent Christmas with the most amazing secret as I was blissfully unaware of the wall of nausea that the new year would bring. During my 38 weeks pregnant there are a number of items that would have been (or were gratefully appreciated) gifts from friends and family.  Wondering what to get your pregnant friend, partner or family member this holiday season? Below is a variety of ideas that range from sentimental to extremely practical, including budget-friendly and major splurge items.

Please note: What you select to gift should depend on your relationship....I will not be held accountable if a spouse provides their partner with a pillow wedge and unscented moisturizer (and nothing more) for the holidays and doesn't understand why she's annoyed.

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12 Excellent Gift Ideas for the Mom-to-Be
  1. Support and a good night's rest
    As the days and weeks of pregnancy go on sleeping comfortably can be an issue.  Wedge pillows can provide belly and back support without making her feel like she's living in the storybook The Princess and the Pea.
  2. A sentimental ornament
    An ornament that commemorates her holiday season expecting could be a nice gift for the family to enjoy putting on the tree each year.
  3. Unscented spa basket
    If it's still early days, and her stomach is queasy, give her a chance to pamper herself with a series of unscented soaps, lotions and creams.  
  4. A spa day
    Many places have maternity focused services including registered massage therapists that specialize in prenatal massage (to keep her safe and relaxed).
  5. Books by her favourite authors
    Towards the end of pregnancy and in the first few months post-babies it was great to have access to some interesting books on CD and podcasts that I could listen to (often in the middle of the night) for company, interest and relaxation.
  6. Nights Out
    Pregnancy is a great time to remind yourselves to enjoy time together, whether it's picking up theatre tickets, movie passes or a night out at a favourite restaurant it's a great idea to stay connected.
  7. Mocktail recipes, kits and dealcoholized products
    Drinking sparkling water for 40 weeks gets boring pretty fast.  If she is a fan of mixed drinks consider a mocktail recipe book (with a few key ingredients), if she prefers beer there are a lot of great dealcoholized options, and the same goes for wine.
  8. Food she's craving
    This could be a gift certificate to a particular restaurant, fancy chocolate or her favourite teas, candies or snacks.
  9. Things she can't have right now
    I would trend towards only getting gifts like this if she is in the last month to six weeks of pregnancy, but a bottle of her favourite sparkling wine or champagne to celebrate the arrival of her baby or a gift card to that sushi restaurant she's been skipping could be something fun for her to look forward to.
  10. Babymoon or weekend away as a couple or friend weekend
    This is the splurge item. A long weekend somewhere away, relaxing and adult focused could be a great way to unwind before baby arrives.
  11. Awesome maternity clothes or gift cards to maternity stores
    Stylish maternity clothes can get expensive.  There are some great traditional options like Thyme Maternity or  Motherhood Maternity.  I personally liked Etsy Store MamaSan Maternity for my post-goth maternity needs and Evymama for their nursing bras, tops and maternity dresses.
  12. Items that have absolutely nothing to do with pregnancy
    Look for gifts that support other interests and hobbies, because sometimes pregnant women need a break from everything baby.

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