Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Time Warp

I've always loved Halloween, it's like Christmas to both Chris and I.  Then I had kids.  At first I kinda ignored it, and I never really understood why my parents weren't super stoked to come on over here and take the kids Trick or Treating and enjoy the festivities, or why when I was a kid as soon as we were physically able to go out without adult supervision they left us to it.  They ask us to send them photos instead, and today I actually get it.

Halloween is great, but kids on Halloween are insane, sugar-bent, gimme monsters who are a breath away from a meltdown at any moment.  For all of the epically cute Halloween photos on social media, there are probably twice as many stories about the shenanigans the children pulled that very same evening, just ask anyone.  Most parents are pretty thankful that this occasion only comes just once a year.  Another parent told me yesterday how they have celebrated 12 Halloweens with children, and not one has been tear free.  Yesterday I heard "spooky" tales about kids who rejected costumes parents had painstakingly spent hours of time making (or a pretty penny purchasing).  No wonder we all eat our kid's Halloween candy.

Princess Leia 

Here are 13 Things that Happened this year on Halloween.

  1. Molly broke her costume belt at school. (Chris fixed it with pliers) 
  2. Molly insisted on wearing her white costume all day at school (even though she was instructed to take it off before lunch) and got stains all over it.
  3. This meant that we had to launder her costume at 5PM, and were literally waiting for the dryer to buzz, so I could get her dressed, fix her hair and we could go out at a reasonable hour.
  4. Jack was so excited to head out Trick or Treating we went to five houses before we realized he wasn't wearing shoes. 
  5. Thank you reminders needed to be shouted out at practically every, single, house.
  6. And we also needed to remind Jack that he shouldn't pick up pumpkins that didn't belong to him and swing them like shot puts. 
  7. Half way through the festivities Jack started to loudly sing a song about Meatballs from Teen Titans, non-stop.  It wasn't the least bit annoying.  To hear the song click here.
  8. Both kids actually picked comic books over candy (for the first time ever) at one house on our street.
  9. We ran into a number of parents who had been tailgating Halloween (clearly we are doing this wrong).
  10. There were tears over a lost baseball eraser that was given as a treat from the boy child. Chris went out and looked for it...and ended up replacing it at Dollarama yesterday at lunch, cause he's a sucker for little boy tears, apparently.
  11. When we got home Molly insisted she'd never tasted a number of candies before and that she had to try them all, that night.
  12. We were awaken at 3:30AM by a sugar induced nightmare and were joined by Molly in bed for the rest of the night.
  13. There were tired tears in the morning from kids who had stayed up too late.
The kids can't wait until next Halloween...I'm pretty happy to wait until next October...

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