Friday, 31 August 2012

3 Day Novel Writing Contest

2 years ago I had the most memorable Labour Day weekend of my life: my friend, The Granken and I entered the world's most notorious literary marathon, the 3 Day Novel Contest.  We were exhausted and giddy from all of the coffee and Popsicles consumed in the 72 hour feat and like any first marathon we were proud that we finished without permanent injury.

We skipped last year's contest, since the minions were two weeks old and it didn't seem like an appropriate time to ignore them to write a novel for 3 days.  This year, with the help of my husband Chris, who's taking the bulk of parental duties over the weekend and my parents who are having Molly and Jack for their very first sleepover on Saturday night we're in for round 2.

The 3 Day Novel Contest has run every Labour Day weekend since 1977.  It has hundreds of contestants competing from all over the world who have 72 hours to complete a novel.  The grand coveted prize, publication of your novel.  We have from 12AM Friday to 12AM Monday to write this novel.  GULP!

I don't know if we're crazy for doing this again, but at this point we're excited, revved up and can't wait to start writing.  If you want to follow the insanity, see pictures of us tearing our hair out or witness the impact that twin babies crawling around your feet banging wooden spoons against metal bowls has on the creative process please follow us on twitter at all weekend long.

Any well wishes, good vibes, donations of coffee, Redbull or Popsicles are appreciated!

Let the insanity begin!


  1. Good luck! And remember, all winning books include video game references. Fact. And have a RoFo robot that shoots gravy from its eyes. And a kitten!

  2. Good luck! I did the 3-Day Novel contest for 4 years in a row. This year is my first year off but I plan to return in future years. Good luck, and don't quit writing!