Monday, 27 August 2012

Fumbling in the Dark

It's been an interesting few days as my time at home full-time comes to a close and I re-enter the working world in just a couple of weeks.  I picked up my office keys last week and suddenly returning to work seems real (gulp).  Earlier this week I thought to myself, How are we going to get everything done once I'm at work full-time?  It's going to be too much.  

Then Friday night we went out for a couple of drinks with our friends, so they can figuratively check in at four square one last time around their downtown condo before they move West.  At about 9PM I received a text from our sitter L. "What's in the blue pitcher in the fridge?"   Apparently I had forgotten to dispose of the leftover sangria from the minions first birthday party - from almost two weeks ago.  I desperately tried to send off a quick text that read, "DON'T DRINK THE SANGRIA!!!" but fought with my auto-correct which kept on adjusting to, "DON'T DRINK THE SANDRA!"  Thankfully, finally she received the correct message along with my suggestions for better things to drink.*

Sunday, after the minions went down for their afternoon nap, Chris and I shut off the power and installed a new front porch light.  Our light has been an ill working sensor model since we moved in nearly 4 years ago that turns on randomly when you're in the driveway, walking by on the street, but never when you are standing directly under it and fumbling in the dark to get your key in the front door.  It is near impossible to get the sensor to turn off and the light to function as a normal porch light.  You can get it to work as a normal non-sensor light 25% of the time if you maniacally flick the switch on and off really fast like a substitute teacher trying to gain control of a rowdy classroom. The light also has one smashed bulb because of a friend who mistakenly knocked it with a case of beer or his head** almost 3 years ago.  It's fixed, finally...and it only took us 45 months and $29.99 to do an hour and ten minute job.  We even have a spare fixture for the next time someone hits it with a case of beer and/or their head.  The only problem with home repairs is that they're a lot like tattoos: they are kind of addictive. I already have plans in place for a new house number sign and have scheduled replacing our downstairs bathroom sink with my father this October.

 Isn't it a thing of beauty?

I think that getting something done comes down to priorities, scheduling and as Chris puts it, "What's going to frustrate us enough to actually get us to finally take action?"  Last night after the kids went to bed we sat down in front of Bar Rescue while I worked on filling out a T773 taxation form because the government needs more information in order to determine whether or not we qualify for an income tax reduction because of child care costs.  For those who read my post last week about us being poor because of daycare costs,, I finally received a response on my application for an income tax reduction which was a request for further information.  The government wants more paperwork?  I can't say I didn't suspect that this was coming.  It will likely be another 2-8 weeks before we find out whether or not we qualify.  The possibility of freeing up to $800 a month of income rather than receiving one lump sum refund in April is highly motivating for immediate action. That request will receive a response (by fax and CC: in the mail) in less than 1 business day.

If only someone could motivate me to throw out the leftover southwestern black bean and chicken salad that's been sitting on the bottom shelf of our fridge for nearly a week.

You would think that if I had the motivation to take a picture of it, I'd actually throw it out.

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*I'd like to tell you that when we got home we immediately threw out the Sangria.  Instead we sat on the couch, drank lemonade Crystal Light and then I fell asleep in front of an episode of South Park.  The pitcher was cleaned out Sunday - two days later.
**I honestly can't remember which, but can assure you not to worry and that he's okay.

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  1. I'm happy to report no ill effects from the Sandra. Except that I grew an extra leg on Saturday morning. Normal, right?