Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Baby Got Back

Yesterday Chris got stuck in a subway delay on his way home (something about a passenger assistance alarm at Queens Park Station) giving us minimal time to drink our tea and for me to give him updates on the comings and goings of the babies before I headed off to my spinning class.*  I may not have been as careful as I should of when setting down my own tea in the midst of our conversation.  In fact I may of had it way too close to the front of the arm of the couch where I was sitting.  Before I even got to take the first sip Jack playfully tossed the full to the rim cup of flaming hot tea in my lap and burned my nether regions.  I jumped up and down screaming, "MY CROTCH, AAAAAAAAAAAA, MY CROTCH!" at the top of my lungs and Jack began to cry.**

Chris ran Jack upstairs to inspect him to make sure that he was actually okay while I got a cold cloth for him in case there had been any splash back.  Jack is fine, without a mark, despite the shell shock from the horrible screaming.  We gave him cuddles and then I cleaned myself up, got changed and headed off to spin class.  Disclaimer: I do not recommend pouring a large volume of a molten tea down your pants followed with an hour exercise class on a bicycle seat.

After class I discovered that i'd left a small packet of baby wipes in my gym bag that had been pressed up against my water bottle.  They felt cool to the touch and down right refreshing, like something that might soothe a fact they worked beautifully.

I've always favored the Our Compliments Wipes, for their great price and because the baby very vaguely resembles one of my nieces.

This morning I began to work on removing the giant tea stains from our living room couch with a giant tea towel and some cool water, but it wasn't all coming out.***  I found my solution to remove the wipes.  These things are genius and have become my very own household MacGyver and not just because I frequently forget to pick up other household cleaning supplies on a regular basis.   So I started thinking of all of the neat things that I do with baby wipe other then, well the obvious,  then I fired up the Googles to get some other ideas....

Baby Wipes - the New Miracle Worker

  • Don't have time to shower, baby wipes the quick refresher (patent pending)
  • Dried baby wipes as cheap, sweetly scented dryer sheets
  • Substitute Swiffer 
  • Good for gentle cleaning of wood surfaces, monitors, touch phones etc.
  • Removing stains from fabric
  • Removing deodorant stains from your clothes
  • Make-up Remover
  • Polishing shoes
  • To clean the interior of your car
  • To tame static flyaway hair
  • Removing hard water stains from dishes
  • Cleaning light stains off of a wedding dress
  • Removing pet hair from furniture
  • To wash crayons off of walls and tables
  • Cleaning dry erase boards
  • Removing hair dye stains from skin
  • To dust the leaves of houseplants
  • Washing dolls faces and other appendages 
  • The first step in first aid
  • A good to know - "mildly" used wipes (as in not ones that are used on babies) can be laundered and reused.
We also realized that we have an insane glut of baby wipe containers, so here are a few solutions on how to reuse them beyond the normal trip to the recycling bin:
  • First aid kit box (for the car and the house)
  • Crayon/Pencil Case
  • Coupon box
  • Recipe box
  • Sewing kit
  • Storage for hair accessories
  • Manicure kit
  • Lego storage
  • Camping or beach kit complete with sunscreen

Do you have any other uses for baby wipes or baby wipe boxes?

*Update is the polite way of me saying that I gave him a grocery list and asked him to go get groceries with the babies while I was gone.
**Not because he was hurt, but because he was scared by his mother screaming incessantly about her blazing crotch.
***It was about as helpful as Chris's dress shirt that he had whipped off and set on top of the vast puddle of tea to soak it up last night.

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