Monday, 13 August 2012

Send In The Clowns

It's official!  I am done bragging about what good sleepers our little babies are.  Without fail, whenever I do, especially to other (over-tired) moms, that night at least one of them pops up like Binky the Clown screaming, "HEEEY GROWN-UPS, I'M CRANKY AND I'M GOING TO RUIN YOUR NIGHT!"*.

Yesterday afternoon I made the mistake of bragging to someone how both my babies sleep through the night ALL THE TIME.  Today I am a tired liar.  When we got home from a friends' house last night, Jack was still up at 10:30PM, not upset, but still awake calmly hanging out with my brother and his girlfriend, so we put him to bed a few minutes later.  At 2:20AM he popped up and was inconsolable for well over an hour while he pulled at his teeth, refused to take a teething ring, spit his baby Advil in my face and would only doze if I would rock him constantly in our living room rocking chair while rubbing his back in a counter clockwise motion.  It was not a good night, especially after a hectic weekend.

Chris and I had spent the past 5 days preparing for and then recovering  from the minions first birthday party.  The family party on Saturday was a huge success despite the rain.  I didn't realise how much of an effort it was trying to clean and prepare food for an event while looking after 2 dangerously mobile babies.  I felt like Japan in a Godzilla movie (but tasked with making a lot of finger sandwiches).  Every time we tried to clean and rebuild a room or prepare food, Mothra (AKA Mollythra) and Megaguirus (AKA MegaJackirus) would Battle Royale and mess our sh$t up.  Jack managed to answer the question, "How much watermelon is too much watermelon to give to a baby?" in the middle of operation get house ready.** He also showed off his new found ability to climb stairs and scare the crap out of mom and dad as well as punch the glass doors on our legal book case.  Molly pulled her, "I'm going to cry or fight my brother unless you carry me everywhere" routine which made one-handed house work a little slow.

 Fairy Tale Castle Cake - The second cake I ever decorated!
 Birthday sign made out of old, damaged, good-will and dollar store fairy tale book cover cut outs.

On Saturday night, after almost everyone had gone home and Molly and Jack had retired to bed (where they thankfully slept through the night), Chris and I cracked open a beer each and celebrated our first year as parents and a successful party.***  Sunday morning I cracked the Advil for my party related back pain and midnight leg cramps from all of the cleaning/standing.  Tonight we're going out for our 7 year wedding anniversary.  Perhaps we can substitute dinner with a good long nap while our sitter L looks after the kids.

Table runner made from inside of above-mentioned books.

Chris's Whale Carving Fruit Salad

Thank you to everyone who helped make this weekend such a success!  Only 362 more days until their 2nd birthdays....but getting things ready with 2 year old toddlers will be much easier, cause at that age kids are known for having an extremely agreeable nature, right?

Fighting over the best gifts, tissue paper?

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*If you were never a Garfield fan you probably won't get this reference. Binky was this incredibly loud and annoying clown on Garfield known for the catch phrase, "Heeeeeey Kids!".  In the television show you could call a 900 number and Binky would show up to your house and sing a birthday song to you to the tune of "Freres Jacques".
**You really don't want the gory details of how he showed us, but let's just say what Jack did to Chris's Blue Jays jersey was symbolic of their playing lately.
 ***And the fact that we don't have to do it again for an entire year.

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