Monday, 22 April 2013

Little Bones

Saturday night at around 4AM Chris came down with the flu.  Bone shaking, high fever, bone aching flu.  This is not just a man cold, he was so sick that he didn't go to the Blue Jays Game on Sunday.*  So, I spent my Sunday watching after the kids so he could rest, disinfecting everything and then trying to take care of him once they'd gone off to bed.

I already know that despite my best efforts to keep everything sanitized that the three of us are going down with this illness, likely in the most drawn out and inconvenient way, but for now I'm in denial. Chris is at home resting with the furnace cranked up to 97 degrees, a heating pad, a gallon of water and a fist full of ibuprofen. 

Miss Molly says, "How You Doing?" -Winter last year

On my solo day the minions answered a lot of questions about the universe, many of which don't need answering, just the same I thought I'd share:

Where do all of the kid's socks go?
Daycare has been teaching the kids to tidy-up.  This is nice, in concept.  In practice this means that Molly's way of helping me tidy the kitchen is to rip the socks off of her and Jack's feet and throw them into the garbage.**

What is the new trend in children's art?
Yogurt finger painting: on the wall, mom's pants, the dishwasher, in your sister's hair.

What would Molly do if she had a younger sibling?
Molly spent about an hour kissing the baby boy on their new box of diapers that I have been too lazy to haul upstairs to the nursery.  She'd sweetly call out, "Baby" and then toddle over to give him a kiss.  I thought this was really adorable, until she grabbed a pen and stabbed him in the chest, several times.

What makes cleaning up shredded tissue paper more challenging?
When your son pours 1/3 of a giant bottle of cornstarch baby powder on top of it.

How can your son teach YOU a lesson while in "time-out" for hitting his sister in the head with a corn popper?
By tearing off his pants, his diaper and peeing all over the place.

Yours - in health, if only temporary.

If you don't hear from me in a few days send soup, or wine...or just wine...I'm flexible.

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*And it was Bobble Head Day.
**Who knows how many socks have suffered this fate.


  1. I enjoy reading your funnier outlook at parenting. Makes me chuckle everytime. Hope the sickness isn't too bad.

    I'd send wine anyways, you deserve it.

  2. Thank you for your kind words....We're on day 3 for Chris now...hopefully the fever will break before I do ;>