Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sheep Go to Heaven

The girl child talks a lot.  Most of it are words that can take Chris and I days or weeks to understand what she's saying, even though it's the same series of 100 plus words over and over again daily.  If I were providing Molly media training my compliment sandwich would go like this: you are very good at making sure that the things you care about are said often, however you're obsessed with the words "Open"and "Apple" and you probably shouldn't lift up your shirt and yell "belly button" quite so often, but you smile a lot and always make eye contact which shows people that you're genuine.

The other day Molly slipped on my shoes, slung my purse around her neck, grabbed an empty paper shopping bag, yelled, "Bye-Bye" and made the loop around the hallway towards the kitchen and then back into the front room through our media room.  This is something that she does dozens of times a day.  It's like the Caucus race in Alice in Wonderland only with less purpose, more insanity and a lot more falling and screaming.    When she concluded her loop she came into the living room and scolded me, "Mommy how come no bye-bye?"  Her hands were on her hips judgementally.  A question from anyone but one of my two DoDo's would be answered with, "Because I know you aren't really going anywhere and we've been playing this game for over half an hour."  But because it is from Miss Molly I felt like a giant jerk, put down my paper and apologized to her.  I didn't know that she'd start to call me on my crap this young. 

A few hours later she was saying something that she's been working on for a couple of weeks now, only this time I was paying better attention, because I'd been told off only a few hours ago, when all of a sudden it clicked.  They've both been singing Ba Ba black sheep for weeks unbeknownst to us.  Now that we've figured this out we've all been singing it constantly even though the lyrics to both toddlers are still,  "Ba Ba Sheep, Ba Ba Sheep, Wool, Wool, Wool". 

If only we could figure out what she means when she says She-Shaw. 

My mother in law and Facebook are right, it doesn't matter how tough you are, when a toddler hands you a toy phone, you answer it.

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