Monday, 23 September 2013

Take this Job and Shove It!

If you've been working for a number of years, odds are you have had at least one terrible boss, or heard some great stories from some unfortunate friends and family members.  I feel lucky nowadays, but sometimes the minions bring me back to some of my first jobs post-university graduation.

Work isn't always a cakewalk when your boss is grouchy!

I can't help but recognize some alarming similarities between raising toddlers and dealing with a nightmare boss.  Enjoy!

1. They make you work ungodly hours, weekends, evenings, overnights, you name it!

2. They won't let you take sick time...even though they're the ones who got you sick in the first place by demanding close contact while they were ill.

3. You are always on call! Whether it's via your blackberry or screamed through the speakers of a baby monitor. 

4. They touch you in a way that makes you feel a bit weird, whether it's a hug that's five seconds too long or demands that you lift up your shirt and let them poke your belly button (Molly).

5. They cry in front of you, about ridiculous things that you have no control over.

6. They want more!  Numbers, reports, cookies or time at the playground!

7. They change their minds all the time.

8. Their mistakes = your fault.

9. They eat your lunch because they know you'll let them.

10. You spend way too much time cleaning up their messes!

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