Friday, 13 September 2013

Yellow Days

DISCLAIMER: This post is about potty training so if that type of thing is not of interest feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page for a non-toilet related thought.*

We've dipped our big toe into the waters of potty training** but haven't been very strict about it yet.  Basically daycare has started the training on more of a schedule whereas we've made a potty and a toilet seat insert available and ask the kids periodically whether or not they need to use the toilet.

Ancient Greek Child's Chamber Pot Courtesy of Wikipedia

Here are 5 things that we didn't know, but probably should have guessed, about the early stages of potty training.

1. The potty has become a "cool" hang out spot when a toddler is bored, plus it gives the boy access to play with his junk beyond bath time.

2. The most significant leap that we've made in toilet training is that the toddlers now tell us when it is time to change their diapers, not that they actually have to go.

3. Toddlers don't realize the odious nature of fecal matter, they think it's an extension of their body and don't understand why you don't want them to touch it.

4. The girl thinks that any sound or function that comes out of her body is "poop" and recently, on taco night, after Chris passed gas she proclaimed, "PooPoo Daddy!  Tell Mommy!"***

5. The cup in the potty can also double as a hat.

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*This is a really neat Info graphic on 20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer, Enjoy!
**Grossest analogy ever?
***I strongly encourage this to be Chris's new nickname.  All hail PooPoo Daddy!

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