Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Everything is Awesome!

Earlier this year I posted my New Years Resolutions (nitty gritty details here).  I figured what was the point of posting them if I wasn't going to update on whether or not I've kept them up.  This is my Three Month Resolution Check In:

Read more stories to Molly and Jack
I would say we read more to the minions now than we ever have, this is mainly because they're more interested in story time now that they're older (and in stalling out bed time).  Most nights we read two to three stories before bed.  We also have been storing some of Molly and Jack's books in locations other than the nursery to encourage non-bed time story telling. Molly's insistence on reading multiple books on the potty has also increased story time at an alarming rate.  Right now Molly's favourite book is Five Little Monkeys  while Jack likes Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb (which is also a book about monkeys)

Read More Books for Me
In 2013 I only read about 10 books for pleasure.  So far this year I have read four and a half books which puts me on pace to read 18 this year, nearly double last year's grand total.

Here's what I've read so far:
The Mother of All Meltdowns - Various bloggers explore their biggest freak-outs post parenthood.

Catcher in The Rye - In February Chris and I watched a documentary on Salinger.  Chris couldn't believe that I hadn't read Catcher in The Rye.  I think because of how much I like to talk about all the books I read when I was a lit major he assumes that I have read all of the classics...After I reminded him that my focus was in Canadian Literature and not Americana he bought me a copy of Catcher for Valentines day.  I'm glad I read Catcher, but I think I was too old to get the most out of it.

Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? - Musings from Mindy Kaling on her career, life perspective and being successful despite not being blonde, six feet tall and 90 pounds.

The Rosie Project - A coworker recommended that I read this book because she knows that I like the Big Bang Theory and the protagonist reminded her of Sheldon Cooper.

Photo from the High Line New York City on our long weekend without the minions

Have More Date Nights With Chris:
We've made an effort to schedule more quality time just the two of us. Here's what we've managed since January:

Dates to go and see the Lego Movie (Everything IS AWESOME) and The Muppets Most Wanted (review here)

Valentines Date at home: we sat on the couch, cuddled, split a bottle of prosecco and watched The Notebook on TV, it was great!

After our group ice fishing trip was cancelled because of weather conditions Chris and I took advantage of our free afternoon, took a nap and had dinner and a beer at the local pub before picking up the kids from my parents place.

Be Less Strict with Toddler TV Time
We've incorporated a family Sunday night movie night where we let the kids watch about half of a movie before story time to give them a little more screen time and we have also made exceptions when they're sick or the weather is crummy.  Right now the minion's favourite flick is Finding Nemo and Jack's impression of Bruce the shark is hilarious.

Book More Time For Me
It's so easy to get stuck in the martyr trap as parents.  I am a better parent to Molly and Jack, and better wife when I make time for me.  Since the New Year I have treated myself to 1 manicure pedicure, had a handful of coffee dates with friends and implemented a bi-monthly brunch date with a fellow mom friend. I have managed to get my hair cut twice in 2014, but have yet to indulge in a massage, which is on my to do list soon.

How did you do on your New Years Resolutions?

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