Monday, 28 April 2014

The Whole World Is Our Playground: Playground Review Pricefield Road Playground

I found this playground during an online search.  It showed up as a hidden treasure, so I thought it might be worth a drive downtown/uptown to explore with the minions.

My park review disclaimer: If you don't live in the area I hope you enjoy the pics and can use some of the ideas to inspire and explore in your own city. If you have any recommendations for great playgrounds (or new criteria I haven't thought of) please post a comment on this post or email me.

Pricefield Road Playground Review Toronto

Park Name:
Pricefield Road Playground

 There is a decent amount of street parking beside the park.  The park is a five minute walk from Summerhill Subway Station.

Pricefield Road Playground Review Toronto
Theme of Park:
Mini urban playground.

Ground Coverage:
 Wood Chips

Variety of Equipment for different ages:
 Most of the equipment is best suited for kids five and under.  There are some climbing structures that have a bit more height that held the interest of some of the older kids.  I did not see anyone over about seven years old playing at this park while we were there.

Best Parts of the Park:
The park is right next to a soccer field and a dog park, so it would be very easy to multi-task if you had older kids who liked soccer and/or a pet who needed a walk while the kids played.  The park also is right near a series of train lines, so if you have a kid who is big into trains this is an added bonus.  If you are interested in seeing trains I'd recommend avoiding a Sunday when there aren't as many running.  As a family that lives in the Junction with a house near the trains, this wasn't a "wow" factor for Molly or Jack.

Pricefield Road Playground Review Toronto

There was no equipment available that you couldn't find at almost any other playground.  There were also a couple of people who waked their dogs directly through the playground (even though they didn't have children with them) which could be scary and or dangerous to the children in the playground depending on the dog and the kid.

Pricefield Road Playground Review Toronto

Overall Rating:
I rate this playground a 2.5/5.  There was nothing available at the playground that I couldn't get closer to home, if you were a local it may be a decent find, but I would never go out of my way to take the kids here again.  Molly and Jack weren't overly wowed by the park and Molly actually asked me if she could go home after about 45 minutes there.  

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